Nintendo truly wants to be indies' best friend

The following info comes from the Full Indie Summit, where Nintendo's Dan Alderman took the stage...

- no concept approval process for eShop
- no mandate to use motion controls or GamePad features
- Nintendo doesn't require platform exclusivity
- platform exclusivity for eShop titles was called "childish"
- interested devs can visit a special Wii U developers page and fill out a small questionnaire to work towards acquiring a license
- Nintendo will provide the Unity Pro 4 engine at no additional cost
- you need business entity status, which costs less than $200 in the US
- no hidden fees for devs on the eShop

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Venox20082067d ago

thats cool, indies are very important for us gamers, so more games, especially indie games are good and for us, and for Nintendo

jcnba282067d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

Nano Assault Neo is an awesome indie title on the Wii U!

WeAreLegion2066d ago

Sounds great! I'm glad both Nintendo and Sony have opened themselves up to and, in some cases, even helped indie developers release their games.

This bodes well for the future! :)

Dark5tar12066d ago

I really like how Sony and Nintendo are appealing to us indie devs.

CEOSteveBallmer2066d ago

So what's your game mr. developer? Im glad your backing the right horse. 2 of them to be exact. Some people are still backing the wrong horse these days.

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The story is too old to be commented.