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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 1027d ago | news

Witcher 3 Dev: PS4 Is A High End PC, CD Projekt Happy With New Architecture

"CD Projekt RED have always stayed true to their vision and this is clearly shown in their reluctance to release The Witcher 3 on current gen consoles and instead go for next-gen and PC. They are pleased with the PS4 as well, and quest designer Pawel Sasko revealed a lot more about the system to us in an exclusive interview." (PS4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

decrypt  +   1027d ago
"PS4 Is A High End PC"

High end PCs.. Run games beyond 720p or 30fps.
Hell even mid range PCs as of today are managing 1080p @ 60fps.

Lets see how the PS4 performs when it launches, it would be appropriate at that time to label what range of PC its comparable to.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1027d ago
I think the main difference between your average PC gamer and your average Console gamer is that the PC gamer judges a game on specs whilst the console gamer judges them on how they play and look.

Neither is wrong, but it's the reason the two camps never see eye to eye.
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sengoku  +   1027d ago
hell if there happy, i'm happy!
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Theyellowflash30  +   1027d ago
How is the PS4 a high end PC when games are still at 30 FPS?
ijust2good  +   1026d ago
Funny thing is, PC gamer's always talk about how much more powerful there PC is compared to current gen consoles...but the games are basically the same. With the added power of the PC, devs can make world bigger and better than they can with current gen systems but we don't see that at all.

The irony of it all is that those multiplatform games that come out for PC aswell as consoles are basically the same to the core. The only difference is on the PC u can run them at a higher resolution and frame rate. Well that's expected given that the current gen are 8 years old. The sad thing is that those games are identical to the core. Most are not being used for true optimization for PC. Yep, PC gamer's are playing a sexed up ports of console games. Not true next gen experience.

Expect the same with next gen. Console will be worked on the most and get true optimized. Sure next gen system will be more PC like but the fact is its NOT a PC. Cry all u want, but its the truth.
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MikeMyers  +   1026d ago
If Killzone came out on the PC and was capped at 1080p and ran at 30fps I don't think many PC gamers would be calling it a high end PC game. We've already seen games like Battlefield 3 run well beyond 30fps and well beyond 1080p on PC's quite awhile ago. Not only that but it supported way more people online on the PC. This is why it's awesome news hearing the PS4 will have 8gb of ram. We should have a console that is now quite powerful.

This isn't a knock on the upcoming Killzone, it looks amazing, but console games will likely be mostly 30fps again and capped at 1080p. Which is fine. Computer monitors are actually higher quality than regular LED's. Look at computer monitor prices over 27", the prices are quite high. Meanwhile can buy a 1080p HDTV 60" home TV for under a $1,000 now.
kingduqc  +   1026d ago
The problem with that is no console gamer never saw game running on high end pc...

I run my games in 1440p for 2 year now (4 time the pixels), twice the fps in most games with everything cranked up and more AA. Even next gen won't compete with 2010 pc standard yet it's called "high end"

high end is so vague too. What is high end? single 670 would be considered high end? Then what is 4 titans? Uber-high-end? It's just so vague.
ShinMaster  +   1026d ago
PC elitists don't like it when devs praise a console.
Specs are the end-all be-all to them. They ignore things like optimization and any artistic design because "specs". Despite all that, most multiplatform games look, feel and PLAY the same at their core.

I'm currently playing Tomb Raider and that game looks at least as good, if not better on PS3 than on most low-end PCs with medium settings.
So PS4 will definitely be in the Mid-high range when it's out.
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g2gshow  +   1026d ago

Gamer1982  +   1026d ago
Also look at current gen consoles they squeezed Crysis 3 into 512mb ram and an extremely slow cpu (by pc standards) and got it at 720p stable. Imagine what they can do with 8 core cpus and 8gb ram? On paper PCs have it beat but in reality? Consoles can look as good as the top end PCs and even help push pcs forward. As we all know last gen consoles have been holding PCs back for years now.
SnakeCQC  +   1027d ago
ps4 will run games at 1080p the reveal showed that
cayleee  +   1027d ago
Yea but they are still 30fps.

What high end PC runs games at 30fps. High end PCs are pushing beyond 100fps even at 5760*1080.

Sorry cant call 30fps high end.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1027d ago

This isn't the first third party dev to call the PS4 a high end PC. Now I ask you, who knows best, the developer who is actually working on the PS4 or the forum poster who can type, doesn't know the full specs of the PS4 and isn't working on it?

Just what exactly IS the problem with calling the PS4 a high end PC anyway? It's really odd because PC owners are going to get a great version too ... and if they're willing to pay $1000 they'll get a slightly better version with a higher resolution and higher framerate. Probably won't be able to see much difference but at least you'll know it's better.

And don't forget the 720 will be a high end PC too. I think that needs to be said so that this at least stays a console V PC debate and not just a PS4 V PC debate; although I still think the whole debate is pointless.
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cayleee  +   1027d ago

We had the same story happen with PS3 with every random dev calling it a super computer. What happened in the end? PS3 officially had the worst performing multiplats of any platform. So we cant take everything a dev tells us seriously. Up until 6 months back Devs were telling us current consoles still arent maxed out, as if there was still alot to juice from them.

Even them if CD Project or any other dev for that matter are so adamant why dont they act instead of just talk. Let CD project announce Witcher 3 in 1080 60fps with 4x-8x AA on the PS4 if they are so confident its a high end PC. Until that happens i wouldnt call it a high end PC.

Why are we so desperate to label it a high end PC to begin with? Once it proves it can perform like one. I would be the first to label it high end PC.

My ride is a BMW 335i, its a darn sweet ride but wouldnt i be kidding myself if i labeled it as a exotic super car? Same goes for the PS4 it probably will be a darn good machine for a console, however comparing it to high end PC is misinforming yourself and everyone around you unless if it can perform like a high end machine when it releases.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1027d ago
I'm not calling it a high end PC, developers are. And I for one think they know what they're talking about. Why does it bother you that many many developers are saying the same thing? What do you lose if it's true? Would you stop upgrading your PC because of it? I'm still confused why there's a problem.

At the end of the year I will have a high end PC sitting under my TV, will be reclining in my comfortable armchair, slurping on cheap beer and enjoying fantastic gameplay and graphics. Whether it's 30fps or 60fps, I don't give a damn. You'll have your numbers and I'll have my games ... We'll both be as happy as Larry.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1027d ago
As long as it's 60fps then cool.

Either way pc is lead plat nice.
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SnakeCQC  +   1027d ago
lol give me bubbles not agrees
M-M  +   1027d ago

"What high end PC runs games at 30fps. High end PCs are pushing beyond 100fps even at 5760*1080."

You say it like everyone can afford a rig like that.
Muerte2494  +   1026d ago
@ Caylee
"What high end PC runs games at 30fps. High end PCs are pushing beyond 100fps even at 5760*1080."

This is called "Eyefinity" that was introduced by AMD 5000 series cards. My analogy would be if you took a 480p image and made it Full screen on your 1080p TV/monitor, it doesn't change the fact that it's still a 480p image being upscaled.

You fail to realize that the games their running at these resolution and framerates are games for this gen. These games are able to run on ps3 and xbox360 @ 30fps on medium settings. Your card maybe next gen "ready" but the games their running aren't next gen. The engine most games are running are natively 720p (current gen). So of course you're going to be a to "upscale" the resolution. That technically all you're doing. IT's not like Skyrim's engine is 2560x1600 natively is it? Please no what you're talking about before you start spewing nonsense.

To be honest, I think ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney said it best. Either way, with next gen consoles having similar architecture to PC, most like PC will now become the lead platform for most multiplatform games.

Side note: Just because we're console gamers doesn't mean we don't also own gaming PCs. We just choose to do our gaming on a dedicated gaming machine rather than a general purpose PC. That's why when it refers strictly to gaming, console are way more efficient.
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OccludedGamer  +   1027d ago
I'm pretty sure the PS4 would also be pushing those framerates if you were using it to play current gen games on next gen technology.

Let's see just how well current PC's do when ray tracing and such things become the standard. I know my GTX 580 would probably be looking at 30 FPS and maybe even a resolution drop.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1027d ago
It's high end, get over it. Don't get why it bothers you so much.
seanpitt23  +   1027d ago
It's because pc owners cannot stand the fact that a console PS4 is in the same league as a high end gaming pc it just gets to them for some strange reason.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1027d ago
Because he's starting to realize that the PC is no longer the "Glorious Gaming Master Race".
GDDR6_2014  +   1027d ago
It's high end if you consider $120 CPU and $180 gpu "high end", and these are today's prices, 6 months+ before the console launch

"High end" today to me means a i7 and gtx 680/radeon 7970.
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Muerte2494  +   1027d ago
Show me the graphics card sporting 7gb or GDDR5? Even then, show me where CPU can access this memory freely?

Cheapest 7970 with only 3gb of GDDR5 is still 389.99

Cheapest GTX680 with only 2gb or GDDR5 is 469.99

We haven't even factored in a board to support 16gb/ivy bridge/. You'll need SSD for the OS and a large HDD to store data. The hard drives are not expensive so those are negligible. Cooling methods unless you're going no case like NCIX (air).

this is according to Newegg and today's prices. When multiplatform titles come out for PC and consoles, the bar will be raised for minimum requirements. It's a win-win for both PC and consoles. You tell those PC gamers who just spent $400-$500 that their cards that their rigs are mid-range. I'm sure you'll be taking or dodging a punch to the face.
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Sevir  +   1027d ago
Please tell me what game runs at 720p on the PS4
Because 0 games have been confirmed at 720p resolution.

there have been a few games that have been confirmed at 30fps, 2 In fact. Being Thief and Killzone. And Both have been confirmed at 1080p.

No other games right now are confirmed at anything else. Not battlefield 4 which was only running on a high end pc at 1080p and 60fps.
GribbleGrunger  +   1027d ago
There MAY be one or two at launch or in the launch window, but that'll just be because devs will want to get something out there. I DO agree with you though ... most games are said to be running at 30fps in 1080p, so I see no reason why that wouldn't be the initial goal of most devs. Later on we'll see games running at 60fps in that res too. In fact I think it's crazy to expect less.
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The_Troll_Whisperer  +   1026d ago
I thought Battlefield was shown to run at 3K...
piroh  +   1027d ago
now i understand you only have 1 bubble
ILive  +   1027d ago
God of War ascension is a ps3 game that is 720p at 40fps, and its looking mighty good. I think the ps4 should, if given to the right devs, achieve 1080p@ 60fps with outstandingly graphics.
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   1027d ago
Heck even if the Ps4 had GTX Titan and a Haswell CPU, most games would run at 30fps to increase graphical detail to the limit. (The Ps3 can run games at 1080p at 60 fps, ala WipeOutHD, Resistance 2.)PC gamers can choose the frame rate, when you increase the frame-rate then the graphical detail will take a slight knock on PC but if you lower it you will notice more graphical detail. Because you cant choose the frame-rate on consoles then devs tend to push graphical details like particle effects and physics instead of frame-rate.
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Salooh  +   1027d ago
Yea. Titan is like 4K tv's. You can't really compare and judge 1080p tvs to 4K tv's . It's too expensive. You can't compare pc to console because they are completely different in prices and goals.

And PC may can run games in 4k but developers are not ready for it yet. Most developers can't even handle the ps3.
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adorie  +   1027d ago
CD Projekt Red wouldn't lie about PS4, especially seeing how they're primarily a PC dev and Witcher 3 on PS4 would be their first PlayStation game, as far as I know.

Sounds legit. High-end right now, to me is 1200p-1600 and beyond, though. Mid to high would be 1080p as it's going to become the standard. As long as we can move away from 720p I have no qualms with anything or anyone, and hopefully PS4 and Next-box helps that happen.
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Cryptcuzz  +   1027d ago
Let's see if mid range PC's would be able to run this game in the same resolution with the same Anti-aliasing, textures, lighting etc. compared to the PS4 version of the game, then we will talk.

With your comment as it is,

"High end PCs.. Run games beyond 720p or 30fps.
Hell even mid range PCs as of today are managing 1080p @ 60fps"

I am sure even the PS3 can run farmville just as well as high-end PC's on any settings or resolution.

When making an over generalization of anything, at least try to keep it apples to apples as much as you can.
TheTwelve  +   1027d ago
Another major developer claiming PS4 is like a high end PC...another Console-hating-nobody saying it's not true.
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MrDead  +   1027d ago
I wish these dev's would just stop as they have no idea what they are talking about

N4G comments section is the only place where the truth is heard and if the Gods of N4G say its a mid-low powered PC then that’s what it is.

These all these dev's should come to N4G and get an education on specs and how to make games as they clearly have no idea.
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Sevir  +   1026d ago
Well Right!
Muerte2494  +   1027d ago
i think....
that some people are confusing "high end" with "enthusiast. An enthusiast buys a cards knowing that cards capabilities will not be fully realized immediately. Just like what we're seeing with the Kepler series released two years ago. The average PC rig doesn't contain a radeon 7990 or Titan. It may contain 16gb of DDR3 but its unlikely. So i guarantee most "high end" rigs won't be running BF4 on ultra @ 60Fps. Plz get off your high horse and join us in reality
sourav93  +   1027d ago
We see you trollin'
We hatin'
PersonMan  +   1027d ago
A high end PC plays current gen games at 60fps, but next gen games are sure to be way more demanding and most devs will probably prefer a rock solid 30fps with better visuals.

Good Visuals at 60fps<Great Visuals at 30fps

PS4 isn't going to be playing current gen games.
admj83  +   1027d ago
you are right
user7693958  +   1027d ago
said it by a beloved PC dev and PC fanboys can't still accept the fact ..

they start talking about teraflop, like if teraflops makes all the difference (it does not) and is the only flaw they could find on the PS4..
they start been hypocrite saying ram does not meter and saying
"well it can't run games on 4k and my Pc can!"

Even the PS3 can do 4k but on poor graphics games..
PS4 will push the graphics and KZSF is far ahead anything a PC gamer has seen or can have for now.. and it's a fact..

It's also a fact that soon many PC games will have those and better visuals plus they will be able to run those graphic visuals in 4k if they have the extra $$$ yes..
but stop hating the PS4, is a beast graphically and if many games run on 720p or 1080p is up to the devs..
in a PC world, it will be up to the users $$$ if those games run 720p or 4k.
is the advantage of PC, they are always current gen.. up to date if you have the $$$
#1.15 (Edited 1027d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
FamilyGuy  +   1027d ago
I don't get why you retards keep mentioning the resolution and frames per second as if it weren't achievable. Both could be done EASILY, even the PS3 can do both, devs would just rather use that power towards better visuals, having more detail rather than making the picture bigger or faster.
Baaltohu  +   1026d ago
What the hell is high end PC anyway?
Is your "high end PC" able to run Avatar-like graphic in real-time with 30fps and on 720p?
In short, looking at fps and resolution is just simply nonsense!
#1.17 (Edited 1026d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MysticStrummer  +   1026d ago
PC gamers know more than developers. Another N4G exclusive.


You poor people.
hobohunterz  +   1026d ago
The thing is a pc with the similar specs to the ps4 could run games at 1080p 30-60fps so to think the ps4 out right can't is just ignorant, and I'm sick or retards suggesting it
mrmancs   1027d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
alessandro10  +   1027d ago
jajja Pcfanboys are hilarious.
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abzdine  +   1027d ago
strange no one talks about next xbox. PS4 is growing so bad! Doesn"t that E3 wanna start already?
wishingW3L  +   1027d ago
because it hasn't been announced yet.
lovegames718  +   1027d ago
decrypt happy to inform you Killzone is a launch game and has been confirmed by GG to be running 1080p at 30 fps. It may not be at 60 fps but i doubt ps4 will have an issue with that.

First party studios which take up most of my gaming time anyway will be the ones pushing the boundaries to 1080p and 30/60fps and thats fine by me. I know third party studios have the choice but wont really opt for it for financial and time issues.

In the end its not because the ps4 cant do it because we will have some games it will be because devs choose not to do it.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1027d ago
i cannot wait to get witcher 3 trophies
MontyQ  +   1027d ago
ps4=3-4 year old high end pc
ps4=low-mid range 2013 pc

lol still beats 360.ps3 that's like a 10 year old pc

ppl at launch of 360 were like omg we playing 720p I was like umm I was playing 720p years ago on pc :/
TKCMuzzer  +   1027d ago
Your not really doing PC gamers any favours, maybe its best you can't make any more comments.

Sorry, I'm just tired of PC gamers spouting resolutions and frame rates. When did we stop actually talking about the games themselves?
#7.1 (Edited 1027d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
gamelover5  +   1027d ago
the apu structure is incredible and is the future it allows pc parts to release the bottlenecks and with low level coding like on ps3 exclusives it going to rock the house games will be 1080p 60p when the start to allow developers to use gpgpu and stuff open cl to full access of the hardware im sure of it!
GDDR6_2014  +   1027d ago
APU is not the future on pc's, maybe on laptops.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1027d ago
What GDDR6 said...

Technically PS4 is going to be a high end laptop so there's some basis in reality though it's skewed for marketing purposes.

APU's won't take off on desktop.
#8.1.1 (Edited 1027d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
Sketchy_Galore  +   1027d ago
Who needs de Kwik-E-Mart? Now here's de tricky part. Oh wont you rhyme with me?
Jan55oni  +   1027d ago
Maybe textures are finally full hd quality and not that hd quality.
Ace_Pheonix  +   1027d ago
*hikes up pants, adjusts glasses* "Well shows what he knows, it's actually a lew end pee schee. My rig has thousands of dollars of graphics cards in parallel to run current gen games with framerates beyond the humans eye capabilities on multiple monitors. Sure, all my games are the same as console multiplats, but as you can schee they look much better. To me. And Steam and shit." These PC boys are hilarious.
MidnytRain  +   1027d ago
To be fair, I'm not seeing how this adds up. If high-end rigs are $1000+, how can the PS4 be high-end when it'll likely cost much less?
#10.1 (Edited 1027d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ace_Pheonix  +   1026d ago
Effective power and overall power are 2 very different things. If you look at just the components, sure it's a mid/low end PC. But anyone should realize there's more to hardware than simply what components go into it. Configuration and optimization are huge. Fact is, no one really knows for sure what the chipset actually looks like right now. We know what it's based on, but it's heavily modified. I'm sure you're aware 98% of games are designed with consoles in mind. I'm not saying people don't have PCs more powerful than what the PS4 will launch with. I'm saying it's all for bunk in the first place. If you love your crazy high framerates/resolution and extra monitors then by all means, pay out your ass for it. But for most gamers it's really pointless and we'd much rather play something optomised for precanned hardware that we know will work every time consistently among everyone we play with. It might not be as shiny, but it's almost as shiny because the devs mostly care about people with consoles who actually pay for their software.
TheKayle1  +   1027d ago
ps4 is a beast!

#11 (Edited 1027d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Trago1337  +   1027d ago
No it's not.
ILive  +   1027d ago
Yes it is. Why? Cuz stone cold said so! *rattle snake music starts to play*
Trago1337  +   1027d ago
Whenever I say it's not, people assume that i'm some PC elitist, but I'm not haha.

Facts are facts, it's low-mid range at best. I'm still excited to try some games, but if it were truly high end, it wouldn't be priced competitively to the other consoles.
dynamite_twins  +   1027d ago
Mad bro ?
Trago1337  +   1027d ago
Yes I am, I'm SOOOOO MAD right now >:(
LAWSON72  +   1027d ago
I didnt know amd mobile cpus were high and and not even a hd 7850 is high end. It is ok cd projekt apparently we have different ideas of high end
Sevir  +   1026d ago
right because, developers making games for the darn thing
Wouldn't know more about the console than some pc fanboy!? Lol yep they certainly do have a idea of high end, they are clueless developers, and pc fanboys on N4G trolling PS4 articles know everything.. /s
Dark5tar1  +   1027d ago
The PS4 is high end? Nope, its around middle range PC specs but still impressive over the old rumored PS4 specs.
Tundra  +   1027d ago
Eh. I'll reserve judgement until it releases. If it's running games like a gtx 670 or a 7970 then yeah it's definitely high end (and at a better price too).

We have people on the pay-roll saying it's High-End and people not on the pay roll saying its Low-End. Tired of the back and forth with PR so when I get mine, I'll have a first hand experience on how powerful it is.
laoboy_Smoke  +   1027d ago
CD Projekt should've shown the Wither 3 in place of Sqeenix segment at the PS4 reveal!
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1027d ago
one thing is for sure, it wont be high end for much longer.
dynamite_twins  +   1027d ago
the dev are smarter than Pc gamers XD
M-M  +   1027d ago
Well, I don't know why some PC gamers are pulling out the resolution and FPS card. People have stated it many times before, developers can certainly make every PS4 games 1080p 60FPS, but it will lose graphics fidelity(same on PC). What most console developers tend to do, is they want to push out the best graphics for the system since that's what people look for when buying consoles(as well as gameplay). I have not heard a single person say they wanted to buy a game because it runs at 1080p 60fps, they say they want the game because it looks amazing, and the gameplay looks great.
user7693958  +   1027d ago
if a PC dev said so.. it must be a fact.. no arguments
BitbyDeath  +   1027d ago
Don't know how people can argue it is not high-end when all the specs aren't known to us.

Only the devs know what is under the hood.
DivineAssault  +   1026d ago
Hopefully a trilogy releases on PS4 one day..
razor76  +   1026d ago
They said they built a system with no bottlenecks right ? Does that mean it's a High End PC in the sense of what Processor/GFX card it has, it means it is modified to maximize the potential of the Hardware and thus performs like a High End PC.

They also talked about other Processors handling tasks independently from main one. Maybe they have given the developers full access to the Memory ,Main Processor and,GFX card. That could be what the hype is all about in my best guess , they are a Hardware Company as well and their tweaks are what will set them apart from the Next-Box but,only time will tell which will be the more powerful one but, I putting my money on Sony that's my hunch and, my two cents PEACE!
DwightOwen  +   1023d ago
"“After the announcement of the PS4 many graphics programmers commented that Sony’s upcoming console is a high-end PC and I agree with them,” he said."

I agree, it WAS a PC running those games and tech demos back in February. Only Ubisoft had the integrity to own up to it:

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