New Wonderbook Game or are we Waiting for Dinosaurs?

Well PS Nation was hunting around on the internet (again) and stumbled across a job listing which, at first glance is of no importance, but look closer and you'll see it’s for Sony‘s London Studio, to work on a new project for Wonderbook.

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majiebeast1977d ago

Wonderbook 2:The Wonderbooking.

sinncross1977d ago

I feel like Sony needs to cut the price of all Move related hardware to help endeavours like this work.

As for pushing back Wonderbook in the US for PS4 launch... not a bad idea... but I doubt the PS4 will be priced for the target audience of Wonderbook...

Wonder what Sony is going to do on this front.

Soldierone1977d ago

I saw ads for this randomly popping up in stores. At a local Wal Mart they just put a big display for it.

Godmars2901977d ago

And I'll bet someone saw it and thought it was for Kinect.

jcnba281977d ago

They should release this on PS4 since it will need more content come launch.

Knight_Crawler1977d ago

I agree...they should also make an adult scary game for it, something like Paranormal Activity.

WeAreLegion1977d ago

Give me some Wonderbook love on the PS4, please! I really enjoyed Book of Spells. :)