Hit-Reset Review: Dead Island Riptide's Gavin Robertson writes...

"Dead Island: Riptide should have been a fantastic game. Techland were fantastically poised after the unexpected success of the original Dead Island, and the hope was they would learn from their mistakes and deliver a title with tighter controls, fewer bugs, and more imagination, both in terms of story and mission variety. Unfortunately, they’ve delivered on very few of those goals, content instead to deliver more of the same. While that’s fine for those rabid fans of the first game, it’s not so great for those of us who want to enjoy the game but simply cannot see past the litany of failures that have plagued this promising franchise. They certainly have the basics of a great survival horror RPG here, the combat is satisfying, and it’s great fun to play with friends, enough so that I’m willing to overlook some of it’s failings, but you cannot help but feel it could have been so much better. Eerily, those were my exact sentiments about Dead Island."

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