New GTA V live action commercial images leak

"Over the weekend, Reddit member marcodj posted images of a new GTA V commercial planning we can only assume is planned to release sometime later this year. While all we've seen thus far are computer generated images of the game, it's nice to know that Rockstar still has a flair for the dramatic. And crashed cars. Did I mention I love this studio?"


Updated with two new images - now seven total.

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Donnieboi2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

Live action commercial?? When are we gonna get some gameplay footage and a real preview?

nrvalleytime2066d ago

It'll come - just takes time with Rockstar. The introduction to Grand Theft Auto 2 was live-action, and GTA IV barely showed any real gameplay before release. Just some footage in trailers really.

2066d ago
inveni02065d ago

Looks more like a GTAV ad inside of a Last of Us commercial.

mcnablejr2065d ago

@ inveni.

It totally does.

ninavoljic2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

The trailer could be a new commercial for Sony. Aside from the last of us, the picture which shows several kids wearing hood might be for inFamous. Link:

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Half-Mafia2066d ago

About 2-4 weeks before the release date. Just like all GTA games.

omi25p2066d ago

The trailers are Gameplay.

majiebeast2066d ago

Yeah last time this happend we got the lackluster GTA4 so right now im not getting hyped for 5. Show some goddamn gameplay already! The game launches in 4-5 months and all we got was a cinematic trailer.

YodaCracker2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

The "lackluster" highest-rated game of this gen?

Wenis2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

^The hype machine is what caused it to be rated so high. I played a lot of GTA 4, but I agree with majie. It wasn't a bad game at all, but it definitely wasnt up to with what I was expecting after how fun San Andreas was

Plagasx2066d ago

We'll most likely see actual gameplay in the form of the "gameplay series" that R* usually does a few weeks from release.

Blacktric2066d ago

They really are going great lengths to NOT show us any gameplay.

Goddamn you Rockstar...

Root2066d ago

I know right....I hate live action adverts

If you want to sell a game then show us gameplay...

Donnieboi2066d ago

I wish. Rockstar always acted like it was too cool to share the spotlight at E3. I'm not even sure if they've ever been there (at least for a GTA game).

DeadManMcCarthy2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Looks like it's going to be a homage to the original GTA live action sequences.

2065d ago
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matrixman922066d ago

I would bet that first gameplay will be shown at one of the Microsoft events, probably E3...especially if they have a similar exclusivity deal as they did for gta4

Marcello2066d ago

This game is gonna smash gaming records to pieces, even COD will be left crying its eyes out in the corner.

Cant wait :P :P :P

Th3 Chr0nic2066d ago

considering all the heat that GTA brings to the gaming industry from politicians and the likes I would say that a live action GTA commercial will just give them more fuel for their fires, i dont see how Rockstar wouldnt see this coming.

isarai2066d ago

they do, they just don't care, they know how to handle it

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