Mikami: 'There aren't any real survival horror games in the world now'

Resident Evil 4's director Shinji Mikami has claimed that his "biggest motivation" for returning to survival horror with The Evil Within is because he believes "there aren't any real survival horror games in the world now".

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Walker1943d ago

The Last of Us will come to break records !

jc485731943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Naughty Dog will be disappointed if you think that way. While it definitely looks like one, ND promises a different experience. It's too early to say, especially when we are not clear what the game is "supposed" to be about.

Yes, Mikami is so dead on about the current state of the genre. Companies have been disregarding it for years including Konami.

Zezo1943d ago

The cat lady says hi Mikami.

ScubbaSteve1943d ago

It's not just survival horror, it seems companies try to push everything out as a shooter. Then the ones that aren't intended to be shooters get bastardized. I remember looking forward to that Hawken game hoping for a good mech game but it turned out to be an arena shooter with a mech hud.

specialagent45321943d ago

As far as consoles yes but the genre is thriving on PC.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Amnesia pc always has true survival.

It's console that are stuck on action.

TrailerParkSupervisr1943d ago

Jesus I still have nightmares about dark decent. That damn water monster freaked my ass out

InTheLab1943d ago

So RE6 and Deadspace 3 are only on consoles?

fsfsxii1943d ago

@trailerpark survivor

Same place as i am, except that i can't get past that place lol, i hear voices from behind when i walk xD

isarai1943d ago

it has nothing to do with consoles, it has to do with devs with their heads stuck up their asses. Most of the people who rant for true survival horror are people who played the old true horror games like Silent Hill and RE, you know, the one's that were on consoles :O

user76939581943d ago

well this gen the best one so far and only true to it roots is .. Siren for the PS3 is on the PSN store.

Let's hope Sony gives Siren team to make a new IP for next gen, this guys create the Original Silent Hill and Gravity Rush..
they deserve to make a bigger budget game. come on Sony!!!
and what about the Extermination team? why we have not seen this team made part two or remaster part one?

KongRudi1943d ago

I would think that Amnesia is old enough to be covered by the 'in a while' part of his statement. :)

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awi59511942d ago

Left 4 dead 2 on steam says high. With all the mods out there for it this guy is nuts.

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Patashnik1943d ago

About time genuine Survival Horror made a come back...

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1943d ago

Hopefully this will inspire Konami to finally get a true Silent Hill game made. Kojima also said he would like to see a SH game made with the Fox Engine which would be completely amazing. It needs to be made by the original Team Silent though or at least a japanese developement team that has a whole lot of talent.

jc485731943d ago

It will happen. It is a matter of when and who.

DonFreezer1942d ago

Gamers like you ruin the the whole horror community.Silent Hill needs nothing.Downpour was a greatly underrated game and Vetro should develop the next one.If they improve on staff like scarier monster design and more varied enemies together with Fox engine all I know is the game will be back.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1942d ago

@DonFreezer. How the hell do I ruin the horror community?.

ApolloTheBoss1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Be on the look out for Outlast. It could very well be named one of the scariest games in existence. O_O

Jadedz1943d ago

ZombiU doesn't count O_o?

konnerbllb1943d ago

Nobody knows, do you know one of the three people in the world with a wiiu? I don't.

mydyingparadiselost1943d ago

It should, it's a really good game.

Jadedz1943d ago

A new IP, with permadeath, utilizes the gamepad really well, and packs enough frights & scares for the horror-stricken crowd.

As much as I hate to state this; ZombiU needs to become a multiplatform title for gamers to actually appreciate its worth.

just-joe1943d ago

Ubisoft has said they were happy with the sales and are already talking about a sequel.

HmongAmerican1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Zombies isn't scary. If anyone got scared by Zombies then I don't know why. Zombies are there so we can shoot at them for entertainment.

isarai1943d ago

But there's no horror about it, nothing about it is scary in the least, all you do is kill zombies, that's like calling dead island a survival horror

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cyclindk1943d ago

Got that right... only thing I can really think of, sadly is.. that "Slender Man" game...

pompombrum1943d ago

Was about to mention Slender Man.. it's funny how such great indie games get drowned in the noise crapstic action games like Resident Evil 6 make. Indie developers have done a great job keeping the genre alive, just wished they got the attention they deserved.

specialagent45321943d ago

Lucius and Amnesia dark descent ummm lone survivor and home. Yup these are games made by independent game developers. Unfortunately these games are exclusive to PC along with not being made by a major game developers.

TXIDarkAvenger1943d ago

I must be the only one who thinks that game is terrible.

MilkMan1943d ago

There never was any survival horror. At least not in my eyes.
RE1 was putting me to sleep back in the day when I played it.
I've ever so called "scary game" and they just knock me out faster than NyQuil.

Im happy and satisfied with RE6. This was the game I was looking for since part 2. This whole scary thing, must be the same folks that like Paranormal Activities movies.

I like true scary, true horror. When the day comes that I read "this game is the equivalent of (say something like) the new Evil Dead movie then im ALL in.

in my opinion that will NEVER happen. Just cant translate that to an active activity like gaming and particularly gaming with guns.

robinisme1943d ago

Sorry , but massive Lol at the new Evil Dead being your optimum horror choice

specialagent45321943d ago

Try Amnesia dark descent or lucius better yet lone survivor

Unlimax1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

WTF Did i just read .. See people , this is why we don't have nice things in gaming because of these kind of people who likes anything modern and doesn't want to stick to the past or even thinking about it ಠ_ಠ !

KwietStorm1943d ago

Now that is how you troll. Exceedingly well done. Bubbles.

Klonopin1943d ago

No more Prozac for you.

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