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NZGamer: "Injustice is an incredibly fun bit of fantasy fulfilment as you get to test Earth’s mightiest heroes (cough) against each other. It is also a very dark look at these heroes and villains. As you fight you gain bloody damage and the end scenes for some of the villains can be quite disturbing, unless you think the Joker setting fire to someone is something you’d like to see over and over."

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Captain Qwark 92067d ago

i disagree with anything less than a 9. game is awesome. my only negatives would be, needs more alt costumes. i would have chosen a couple different characters but the cast is still solid. and lastly the only true complaint, id prefer you went through both health bars with no pause

Pintheshadows2067d ago

The only negative I have is that Martian Manhunter isn't playable.

I do like the way he just floats around in the Watchtower and i'm sitting their going 'are you not going to help then?'

The game is so good though. The story is spot on and there is so much to do. It feels almost like an interactive Justice League animated film.

And the stage transitions are incredible.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2067d ago

The star labs missions are annoying and the combo system is difficult to master to the point where it becomes almost not worth it to learn the more elaborate 15 hit combos unless you're an Evo contestant. The story isn't original at all either. There was a bit too much MK in it and doesn't meld well with the dc universe like some of the animations and the character stances.

But it's fun. Really, fun in fact. I'd like a sequel that addresses these issues. I'd give it an 8.

Captain Qwark 92067d ago

the combo system isnt much different than mk's which is always been a bit clunky so im used to that. i havent seen many 15 hit combos other than youtube videos on practice mode anyway, realistically other than maybe pro's few people can pull those off during real matches anyway. that said, ive seen quite a few 10 hitters online.

i havent went too deep into the star labs missions, they def arent as good as the challenge tower from mk but still a nice addition and mroe bang for your buck.

online also works very well which is a huge plus and lastly i disagree about the story. having supes go ape shit was sweet although im not crazy about the two parallel worlds part of it

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2067d ago

The major differences in mk's and injustice's combo system is the canceling and the fact that the environment plays a role. Canceling is expensive in Injustice (2 meter bars) and is as you say clunky because you have to press >>R2 to do it. It should just be one button not 3.

The story was actually pretty good. I didn't say it wasn't. I just said it wasn't original. It was in both the comics and the animated series and they didn't really change much.

Ozmoses2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

I think this game is pretty good. I'm not that great at fighters. I've been playing on medium and some characters still kick my butt. Either way though, I like how it is portrayed. I think it is fun for anyone that likes superheros and villians so it should be good quality family fun for all.