Metal Gear Solid Online Bèta 17 April

The date of the Metal Gear Solid Online bèta start was mispelled on the official teaser website. The correct date is the 17th of April.

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niall773441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

and still no info on how euro players can join.

come on KP.

I want some metal gear before GTA comes out.

Lifendz3441d ago

send me a friend request if you want cuz I'll definitely be playing this one.

M4I0N33441d ago

i still need to pre-order this but i duno if i'd be entered in the beta since im from the uk :/

jam93441d ago

17th is just a first date you can download MGO open beta.

The actual open beta will start from 21st.

BIGELLOW3441d ago

Misspelled was misspelled in your article.

EastCoastSB3441d ago

I'm gonna preorder this week, hopefully I'll get into the beta.

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