Thomas Was Alone review punkandlizard

There aren’t many games that within the first few seconds create a sudden change of mood that engulf your whole body. The game welcomes you with a calm, overpowering sense of well being. A stunning musical arrangement with the simplest of Vita graphics tells you that you are about to experience something different, something magical.

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BiggCMan1975d ago

Where does your website name come from? That's different.

punkandlizard1975d ago

hey BiggCMan, its comes from our PSN Id's blondlizard and S_M_Punk
Cheers for checking us out!

J0Scorpionake1975d ago

I love this kind of games, I always feel a different kind of focus in me when I play them. :)

punkandlizard1975d ago

really true, good line, should remember that for the next review ;)

erikthegman1974d ago

what is the download size for the vita