Why Silicon Knights didn't give up on Too Human

Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack gives very direct and honest answers as to why his compoany didn't give up on Too Human after 15 years of "development".

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ukilnme3717d ago

had better be worth it. I can't wait to check this one out.

Stryfeno13717d ago

I just want to see more on this game...

killer_trap3717d ago

currently playing legacy of kain blood omen for the third time. this team knows how to tell a story through a video game. hopefully too human will be a good game.

THWIP3717d ago

I was just telling my wife about an interview in Game Informer with Bill Gardner, new head of Eidos. He said that there "absolutely" was reason to expect a next-gen revival of the LoK/Soul Reaver franchise. Very exciting to think about. :)

killer_trap3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

where did you read that? of all the video game characters i've ever controlled none where as interesting as kain. he's way there at the top of my list before snake and sephiroth. it's the blood omen game that was the most interesting the ones after it weren't that good.

perhaps a remake on the 360 or ps3 would get more people to play the as the video game audience is much more mature than the time the game was released on ps1. one can only hope.

edit: game informer, thats a magazine right. do you have a scan?

OOG FunK3717d ago

This game could be the biggest surprise all year

Reibooi3717d ago

All the stuff I have seen of Too Human looked horrid even the stuff that was supposed to be new and more representative of the final product. I forget where I think it was on X-play they showed a demo of it recently and it was the main character doing the same move endlessly over and over and looked very dull. To be honest after the rocky development cycle this game has suffered through I will be amazed if it is even serviceable.

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The story is too old to be commented.