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From the developer Spin-Top Games' website:

Come along on the adventure from Penguin Farm to icy Antarctica in this fast-paced puzzler game. You will need to keep your penguins afloat by building bridges between the islands. Be careful though - these penguins don't know how to swim!

If your penguins fall into the water, be sure to throw them a life preserver. Upon completing each level, the challenge becomes more difficult with more tiles being added, increasingly tricky bridges to build, and pesky creatures presenting obstacles.

Gamezebo's review summary:

Pros: Ultra-adorable characters. Superb sound and visuals. Novel play mechanic. Selection of bonus games. "Just one more go" addictiveness.

Cons: Multiple design quirks. Tougher than the average outing. Randomized/repetitious nature may frustrate.

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