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LEGO City Undercover Review - All Age Gaming

Charlotte from AAG writes "From every movie based LEGO game out there, LEGO City brings its own story and its own originality. Imagine Grand Theft Auto but playing as a cop in LEGO style! What more could you want? Bringing hilarious humour and favourite movie quotes you’re sure to end up being stuck in your own all new Lego world." (Lego: City Undercover, Wii U) 8.5/10

Whymii  +   466d ago
This is a great game. Load times are scary long, but don't interrupt the game as much as I thought they would.

If you're over 40 then you're in for a real treat as the game is full of references to 70s cop shows and are often hilarious. Judging by my kids (5 and 10) and their friends hours of playing, this game appeals to all ages. The world is surprisingly large and there's plenty to do.

There's plenty of room for improvement, but it's a great first go. Fix the loading times and wonky car steering and you really couldn't ask for more.
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Games_R_Us  +   465d ago
I love it personally and its great to see a LEGO game that for once doesn't rely on a franchise. Yeah those loading times at the start are terrible, but liveable.

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