Frontlines - Glitchiest Game this Gen?

Geekpulp has reviewed Frontlines: Fuel of War and while they have some positive things to say about it they are very critical of the amount of glitches that are readily seen throughout the game.

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Mr Playboy3721d ago

Assassin's Creed* Glitchiest Game this Gen

know much better


Fragking283721d ago

yeah it is a good and addictive game i think most people would agree!

iAmPS33721d ago

Another Crapware for the Crapbox 360.
Congrats BOTS, your list is getting bigger and bigger!!!

Gondee3721d ago

Actuly i have realy enjoyed the multiplayer. The game has a community growing. Lots of Clans, and enough players to make a good one atleast

JoelR3721d ago

The glitchs are annoying but the game is fun - bring on the patchs!

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The story is too old to be commented.