Yakuza 3 Proves Hit For PS3 and Sega In Japanese Charts

Sega's third entry in the Ryu ga Gotoku (aka Yakuza) series has become the company's biggest hit so far on the PlayStation 3 in Japan and one of the fastest selling titles so far for the format.

The game sold around 181,000 units in its first week, which includes copies sold as part of a new hardware bundle for the PlayStation 3. Although retaining many of the same gameplay mechanics as the first two games, the PS3 exclusive is set in the 17th century, rather than contemporary Japan.

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Rikitatsu3689d ago

Everyone who Bought it had a really postive impressions, and not to mention its the Longest game on PS3 , 40hrs long without doing side quests and mini games

and from my Experience with the demo , this is a must buy

now sega please release it in the US

ukilnme3689d ago

Is the demo on the Japanese store?

TheExecutive3689d ago

they never really released the other Yakuza games in the US did they?

Rikitatsu3689d ago

@ 1.2 : Yakuza 1 was released in US , Yakuza 2 Coming soon to US

Gorgon3689d ago

I think the first Yakuza was released worldwide. The second one nope, but Sega stated it's coming this year.

As for Yakuza 3, I played the demos (Japanese store). Nice stuff, especially because there's no other free roaming Feudal Japan game out there except for Way of the Samurai games for the PS2. But the combat is totally retarded and unsatisfying...but still is endurable taking into account that the game does a good job at capturing 17th century Feudal Japan ambiance.

TheExecutive3689d ago

lol whats that mean? 3 will be out in 2010?

Gorgon3689d ago

I don't think Yakuza 3 will take the same time Yakuza 2 is taking. There's a lot more production costs involved in this one and releasing it worlwide gets them some more revenue. Also I think this generation will se more japanese releases in the west. I expect Yakuza 3 in US/Europe either later this year or next year.

SUP3R3689d ago

I wish I knew Japanese so I could just import the game. :\

meepmoopmeep3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

well, it's a no brainer it would sell well in japan.

i tried the demo, and just because i don't understand japanese it was weird when i had this interaction with a cat pouncing on a mouse and then a scroll came out and i paintbrushed the cat in ancient japanese artstyle and recieved something.. it was really, really weird.

the fighting was ok and the graphics were ok but nothing over the top. i didn't play it much because it was a little confusing. not really my cup of tea.

Asurastrike3689d ago

Umm, Oblivion is longer than 40 hours.

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slapsta723689d ago

the 1st is out, but not the second

HasanRaza3689d ago

yakuza 2 will be coming soon in us

Sayai jin3689d ago

No suprise here, I'll try the demo.

crck3689d ago

Unfortunately even with the bundle PS3 sales were only up about 8k units last week. I think Sony may need to get cracking on a PS3 slim to revitalize Japan sales as they did with the PSP slim. The games just aren't doing it. GT Prologue, Disgaea 3, DMC 4 and Yakuza none of them have given the PS3 any prolonged sales boost. I think Sony really needs a ps3 slim out by the time Final Fantasy 13 releases. I don't think its a secret that the Japanese like their gadgets small and the way the PSP has skyrocketed in Japan since the redesign is just more proof of this.

Ikanago3689d ago

Wait till MGS4...According to the survey conducted by Konami Japan (and posted about on Kotaku), this is the game most Japanese are waiting to by a PS3 for (sorta a no-brainer...right?).

I expect the MGS4 bundle to sell really well i Japan. I don't think it's so much a redesign of the system, but rather a constant stream of high quality games that will push system sales.

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