Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Initial Impressions

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen comes out this week, April 26th, for Xbox 360 and PS3 and comes with vast array of brand new content.

This game is perfect for both people that are new to the series, and have yet to try out the original Dragon's Dogma, and people that are returning to extend their story, and gameplay experience.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen comes with the original game, so people that are new can begin right at the start, as well as a range of new skills for each of the professions, over 100 new pieces of armour and weapons, 14 new pawn/character augments, and on top of that there is an HD Texture pack and a full Japanese voice-over that can be installed. Not forgetting the entirely new zone, Bitterblack Isle, that players have to explore.

In short, this game is packed full of content, and is much more than your average DLC expansion. Ideal for both newcomers and returning fans, this is certainly a game worth picking up.

For the complete breakdown, check out the video down below:

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tait2692039d ago

Hmmm. Don't know if I should pick this up, I missed out on the original version.

Arekkz2039d ago

I would really recommend it! It's perfect if you haven't played the original, because you can experience everything you missed AND the new content.

ThanatosDMC2039d ago

Get it. The original was great!

tait2692039d ago

Is this a reduced price or full priced title cause of the extra DLC?

ThanatosDMC2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I bought the original for $59.99 plus tax and Dark Arisen is the full game plus the expansion plus all the dlcs for the original for $39.99 plus tax if im not mistaken. So it's a great buy.

I'll be getting the game soon too to support Dragon's Dogma so they could make Dragon's Dogma 2 or something.

Though chances are Capcom is somehow gonna screw this IP too somehow.

Sephiroushin2039d ago

Reduced, it cost $40 + taxes (if you get the retail version)

Pandacorn2039d ago

Looks really good! Right up my street :]

GREW50ME2039d ago

No Steam version still?

ThanatosDMC2039d ago

Yeah, i doubt it's going to PC... the game's not even close to HD but nonetheless it's a great game.

catch2039d ago

I'm really glad I held out on getting the original. Picking this up tomorrow!

JAMurida2039d ago

Is the HD pack for 360 only or both consoles?

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