‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Pokemon Y’ image hints at Sylveon’s type (Photos)

A new image has been revealed for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles, “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y,” hinting at the type for Sylveon. According to a report the Poke Community Forums on April 19, the shot was taken from the latest trailer of the upcoming movie based on the “Pokemon” franchise. Sylveon can be seen with an egg-like symbol with what appears to be wing decorations, suggesting that the monster may be categorized as a flying type. You can check out the new image, as well as some screens from “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y,” in the slideshow at the top of this article.

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Beetey2064d ago

Could be a wing but I'm not gonna read too much into it.

IceGlare2064d ago

It almost looks like fairy wings. A new type: Fairy?

kirbyu2064d ago

Only the bottom one looks like a wing. The top one looks like nothing.

GenHero2064d ago

looks like a normal type to me

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