New RPG Label Aims To Make RPGs Specifically For Japanese Gamers

Siliconera writes:

Compile Heart, one of Idea Factory’s brands, has a new label called Galapagos RPG. Their mission is to develop RPGs specifically for Japanese customers. So, I guess this is a JRPG label that makes JRPGs only for Japan?

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Snookies121945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I'm confused by this. Not exactly sure what this could even mean, or why it has any significance lol.

Godmars2901945d ago

Its games designed with no intention whatsoever of being offered in the West. Not that such wasn't the exact case when western audiences became interested in them in the first place.

Though it could also mean games with a lot of trivial activities and level grinding.

sherimae24131945d ago

so this is a JRPG that is focused for japanese audiences? 0_o

ApolloTheBoss1944d ago

Aren't all JRPGs meant for Japan? You know, cuz it's called a JRPG?