10 Reasons Why 3D Gaming Failed

It's over, folks. 3D gaming is over. Nobody wanted it, and even the technology's biggest pushers, like Sony, have given up trying to make us love 3D. Well, unless you count Nintendo's 3DS—but that's a whole different class.

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NastyLeftHook02066d ago

i think ps4 will utilise 3d much better and be more widespread next gen. 3d this gen for consoles was too expensive and too late.

colonel1792065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

I remember an interview with someone from Sony (sorry for being too vauge) who said that 3D is not their focus anymore. The question was why come any of the games announced for 2013 had 3D. The guy said that there were going to be TVs that won't have 3D, since they acknowledge that the 3D ship had sailed, and people only wanted it in cinemas.

If I find the link I'll post it.

nix2065d ago

i envy some people who are enjoying 3D games irrespective of whether it failed or not.

BullyMangler2066d ago

The author of this article obviously does not have a 3DSxL with Super Mario Galaxy 3D land = game PROVED that 3D in gaming was no gimmick, but actually enhanced the gaming experience to a whole other depth < fact

Donnieboi2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

Dude he already said 3ds was the only good 3d in gaming (it's even in the intro description above). He is talking about other systems that did 3d failing because of the high cost of 3d tv's. Relax.

Neonridr2065d ago

3D never worked because the tech couldn't support it properly. Current gen consoles could barely run games in an HD resolution with a stable framerate. You are then asking these same systems to basically do everything twice. So when 3D was implemented, the framerates became unstable and the resolutions usually took a significant hit. Black Ops did the 3D quite well I thought, and enjoyed playing it on my 3DTV.

If you were to hook up a gaming PC to your 3DTV I honestly think we would all have different opinions as the PC's that have higher end video cards are built with 3D support in mind.

I feel that the PS4 and Xbox 720 will be able to support 3D gaming much better, should they choose to embrace that.

KingTrash2065d ago

Exactly. If I could play console games in 3D without sacrificing resolution and framerate, I would in a second. I think it totally adds to the experience but it's not worth the hit in resolution. It's actually one of things I'm really looking forward to with the next gen consoles. They'll be able to pull it off without taking the graphical hit. I hope these companies recognize that that's the reason why it didn't work thus far.

jetlian2065d ago

frame rates and res are close to normal in some games. it all comes down to the method and game. I love 3d and the games.

TVs just need it standard and more content needs to be made also they dont pop out like cinema

Neonridr2065d ago

actually most 3D nowadays is presented as the window into the movie. They are more about creating depth into the screen than using the old pop out tricks when 3D was in its infancy.

If you look at Black Ops for example, it was all about creating that depth into the screen. It was particularly effective when looking down the sights of your gun.

jetlian2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

yea thats what im saying but when people go to the cinema its pop out! And thats what people expect at home but they don't do it that way.

First thing everybody who's seen 3d on my tv says like " why isn't it popping out" I have to tell they chose to do depth instead

Dan_scruggs2065d ago

Authors logic. 3DS highest selling console handheld or otherwise. 3D gaming failed.

colonel1792065d ago

It's different. With the 3DS you don't need glasses in the first place, but also, it is something that you focus on when playing. However, even Nintendo doesn't market it as the selling point of the 3DS anymore, so you have to wonder how many people actually play it with the 3D on.

Jek_Porkins2065d ago

The 3-D glasses give me a headache, they give a lot of people a headache, it was always a stopgap until new consoles can come out.

Sucitta2065d ago

try passive glasses.

active glasses produce tons of flicker that give allot of people headaches.

the only ones that disagree are the ones that can't see the flicker..

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