Haze Can Never Be Any Clearer

WhatIfGaming writes:

All we've known about the storyline for the futuristic first-person shooter Haze has been that it follows three days in the life of Shane. A soldier working for mega corporation, Mantel Global Industries, in the year 2048. By that time in the future, most governments have apparently outsourced their armies to private corporations. With Mantel sending Shane deep into South America to deal with a rebel group calling itself the Promised Hand. But, apparently, there's much more to be known after the jump!

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Valante133747d ago

This is definitely on my To Buy List

radzy3747d ago

everyone does realise if it is exclusive to ps3 then i cant see this game selling more than 50,000 copies . too bad
ps3 owners dont buy games!!!

even if it does ever come to the 360 , looks like not much people will purchase anyway. no one really cares about this game. i love ubi but cant say much for haze(the name is silly too).

Valante133747d ago

Haze is definitely on my To Buy list

Lifendz3747d ago

Good rating and I'll pick it up. Average and I'll rent it. They've pushed it back so much that I'm curious to see what improvements they've made.

sonarus3747d ago

its hard to get excited for this game when all my instincts are telling me it will fail. I will be depending on ratings for this one too. Being a ps3 exclusive i just hope people aren't too hard on it.

TheExecutive3747d ago

I think i am going to gamefly it and if i like it i will buy it.

EZCheez3747d ago

It's definitely not going to "fail." If you ever played any of the Free Radical games, you'll agree. Free Radical breathes FPS. I just want them to finish this so they can get the next Timesplitters out. That's the one I'm really waiting for.

Palodios3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

I feel like this game is just a tease before Timesplitters 4. they haven't mentioned it, but I think they've been having trouble programming for the ps3, and that's part of the reason why there have been so many delays.

On the other hand, I've heard that it was ubisoft that delayed the game, not FR, because they made a huge profit over the last financial year, and wanted it to be better, and make profits for the new year.

Does anyone know if they have bots in this game? And, is is true that they took out offline 4-player splitscreen/ co-op? Those features will likely make or break the game for me.

grilledgorlupa83747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

If it was made by some other company I dont think most of us would really care considering how many FPS games are in the market right now. The thing is Free Radical has a proven track record for many of us.

I'm waiting for the reviews too since its a new IP but I can say for certain that since its by Free Radical I know its atleast a title worth watching out for.

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Vip3r3747d ago

Still under pre-order for me. Can't wait for it.

SUP3R3747d ago

When I go pick up my copy of GTAIV next month, I'm pre-ordering this baby.
Something in my mind is telling me, "you won't regret getting this game, do it!" So I'm really anticipating it.


poos33747d ago

this game looks lame i will never buy this game or want to spend more than 30 min playing it which i did recently.

BigPappaPump3747d ago

This is a wait and see for me. I'll wait for the its average score before I decide wether to purchase or rent.

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The story is too old to be commented.