Phil Fish says we should be grateful for $9 Fez

Love him or hate him, Phil Fish can generate a discussion.

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Blacktric2066d ago

"Love him or hate him, Phil Fish can generate a discussion."

You mean a baseless controversy?

coolasj2066d ago

I didn't like him in Indie Game : The Movie, I don't like him now, and I regret buying his game.

There, I generated a discussion too.

plmkoh2066d ago

I'm grateful I didn't buy his game.

HarvesterOSarow2066d ago

FEZ is a really great game! It's so disappointing that Phil Fish is a total douchenugget. Sometimes you have to pull the creator out of it, and look at the product that was made. FEZ stands on it's own as a great addition to a gamers library.

SnakeCQC2066d ago

he seemed kl in indie game but this article was just a chance to flame him. He discounted the game by a dollar and people still complained so he called them ungrateful. When something you make and spent alot of time making is undervalued it pisses you off especially what happened during development

kurac2066d ago

He's a fool for even reading people's stupid comments. Even if it was $0.99, some people would whine. I'll never understand. I keep seeing people who whine about some android games being $2.00 !! It's less than what you'd pay for two bottles of beer!

He made it and he can set any price he wants. It's not polite to argue about that, especially since he's an indie developer. If it were EA or Activision, who overpay their army of managers who don't develop anything, than it "might" be ok to whine.

yewles12066d ago

You don't realize who you're talking about yet...

kurac2066d ago

Reading from wikipedia, that patch seems like a no-big-deal to me. The game is short, so what if less than 1% of people would have to start over? Would you pay tens of thousands to fix a problem for less than 1% of people. I wouldn't. I'd rather offer them a refund.

By the way, it seems to me like people who commented here don't know many artists. Artists are often a bit crazy (or more than a bit :) ). I know a few who are just like Phil. It's a legitimate type of personality. Creativity always comes with a cost. if you expect a flawless user experience and a technical support, it's obvious you shouldn't buy indie games made by one or two men. Stick with EA and Activision.

Irishguy952066d ago

2.00 for two bottles of beer...

Ireland civies are really getting ****** on the price of beer

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The story is too old to be commented.