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If there was any "golden" example of what an expansion is supposed to offer, in principle, this game was it: giving you a chance to experience the core game and then giving you content that could stand alone yet not take away from the core experience. What you get is an expansion that makes you want to go through everything again for reasons more than to just see the extra content.

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alessandro101980d ago

playing it now, this gamets something else.

ApolloTheBoss1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Dear lord, this game is good. Bought it on sheer impulse and it's now part of my top 3 most favorite games of all time.

Protagonist1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Make sure to buy Persona 3 Portable, the game is as good as P4G but imo with a slightly better storyline.

ApolloTheBoss1980d ago

@Protagonist Not to worry. Plan on buying that as soon as I'm done with P4G. On the final boss now.

Snookies121980d ago

@ApolloTheBoss - Are you really on the FINAL boss? ;]

Lol, no spoilers for people, but some should get what I mean by that.

Hydralysk1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


Persona 3 had a more epic storyline I'd agree but it had weaker characters imo. Probably because P3's Social Links are almost all random side characters, while at least half of P4G's are characters already integral to the plot.

cpayne931980d ago

Same here, almost didn't get it. What a mistake that would have been, adore the game.

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worldwidegaming1980d ago

Nice game. This will be my first ever plat! the game is just so great!

Protagonist1980d ago

Now all we need is Persona 5 for the PS Vita.

Kinger89381980d ago

Got mine arriving tomorrow along with a vita! Rebuying one now games like thismare out on it!

Never played before on ps2, so i am excite

BlaqMagiq241980d ago

This game is classic. Every Vita owner should be playing this game. Even ones who aren't JRPG fans.