Project CARS under FSA Investigation: Crowdfunding ‘Investment’ Scheme

According to Andy Tudor, creative director at Slightly Mad, WMD is not and has never been an investment scheme. “I guarantee we never said it was an investment opportunity, ever, because we know the legal implications of calling it that.”

As Eurogamer points out the reality however is that Slightly Mad has presented WMD as an investment numerous times in online forums and continued to do so after the Slightly Mad began taking money.

It has also failed to correct the common perception amongst contributors that WMD is an investment.

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majiebeast2062d ago

More kickstarter drama ill go get the popcorn!

coolmast3r2062d ago

yep...but the scale of things has just become massive now.

Crazyglues2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Wow I hope this does not lead to delays on the game, because this game is looking amazing...

I mean I don't even know if DriveClub can mess with this...After seeing this trailer in HD - -I lost my mind, I seriously want to just get this for my PC and get a GT5 Steering wheel..

Can anyone tell me what it plays like? How does it feel? is it like GT5 on PS3... because it looks awesome..

This thing looks seriously Awesome... Wow

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HammadTheBeast2062d ago

According to some people, it's fake. Vaporware, to get money.

Crazyglues2062d ago

@ HammadTheOne

No way, I can't believe that, they have a demo of the game out, and they keep fixing it and updating the build...??

Wow if this is Vaporware this is the best I've even seen a scam done, because that Demo Looks Badass...

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zalanis2062d ago

I freakin knew it. I wonder how much they b jacking us??

Knux2062d ago

...And this is why I avoid Kickstarter.

Me-Time2062d ago

I paid X amount to get a cheaper copy of Project CARS. I hardly play it, but I'm waiting for that cheaper game when it finally releases. Give them a break. What the real pCARS members say, SMS does for them. Just saying what I want to say.

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