Grand Theft Auto: The Inside Story

Next Generation talks to Rockstar Games president Sam Houser and finds out how the most important game series of the last ten years, came into being and how GTA IV will take the story to a new level.

"Rockstar North had to innovate in many areas in order to make GTA III stand up, not least in spooling the complex, heaving gameworld from the PS2 disc on the fly ("Other developers were doing streaming, but the guys at North just pumped it"), and also in terms of bringing Hollywood acting talent on board to deliver the game's distinctive vocal work."

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DRUDOG3923d ago

I thought it really odd when I saw a story for GTAIV on the main page and no comments had been made. After reading the WHOLE thing I now understand why no one had yet commented. Jeez, that sh!t was long, but interesting. I've been playing the GTA's since #2 on the PS1 and I remember anticipating III so much. I wasn't disappointed one bit with any of the last gen GTA's.

Each one was a favorite for different reasons. III was so good because it blew everything else away and was unlike anything before it. I loved Miami Vice growing up and still love the music from back then so VC was special to me just from an era standpoint. San Andreas was also an era I liked musically and the sheer size of it would've been enough for me to love besides all the side stuff that could be done.

All the games have been on my short list for all-time faves and I can't wait for IV. I'm just hoping that with all the talk of this version being a bit more "mature" that they don't leave behind the humor and fun times to be had with the last generation. If you're a GTA fan and know some, but not all of the history, than you should take a look at the article. It's a bit long, but definitely a good read.

saprano3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

it is very long, but worth the read. they dont talk about gta4 though, but anyway i remember when i first got part3,and me and my freind was playing it and was just amazed by the game. it had so much freedom, and the music was good to. vice city was even better! the music was AMAZING, i LOVED the 80's soundtrack i cant stress that enough. it put you in the feel of the game. i also like the story to, reminded me of a new generation scarface. and finally gta san andreas, that game just fliped everything on its head, it was the first REAL main black character in a game. i loved the whole LA gang banging theme they went with, im surprised rockstar was brave enough to use the N word alot in the game. it felt differnt, it felt new, it made the game seem more real. and i love them for that. and the guy above me is right, i hope part 4 doesin't loose it funny charm with all this talk of being more mature. the comedy vibe is one of the reson's this series made it so far.... i cant wait till part4, keep it up rockstar.

Kassanova073923d ago

What GTA did for videogames was exemplified in cinema with Goodfellas, The Godfather, etc.