Interview | Frozenbyte Discusses the Future of Trine

"Cubed3, like nearly everyone else around the world, adored Trine 2: Director's Cut right from the very first moment it was tested and the final review version actually exceeded expectations, proving to be one of the strongest Wii U eShop games released so far. Cubed3 caught up with Joel Kinnunen, Vice President at developer Frozenbyte to discuss the game more and what the future holds.", writes Cubed3.

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lilbroRx2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

"Joel Kinnunen: Nintendo eShop is great. It's certainly better than what's currently on PS3 and Xbox 360; it's more developer friendly in a lot of ways, and I think it's presented to the user in a much nicer way, too. There's always some things that could be improved but for the most part the eShop is awesome."

From a develeper that has worked on all HD console, this is nice to here.

RFornillos42066d ago

glad to hear Wii U getting indie love.

BosSSyndrome2066d ago

Well fuck me with a carrot. News that puts Wii U in a positive light.

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Moncole2066d ago

I want more Trine. Its a great series.