OXCGN’s Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel Review- Devil’s in the Detail


"Before I continue with this review I’ll just state for the record that I am a very big fan of the first two games and I was very excited to play this one.

Now we’ve been given our third instalment in the franchise, called The Devils Cartel, but how does it stack up against its two predecessors?"

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Proeliator2067d ago

Ehh... had high hopes for this because of Visceral. It's a shame it wasn't better.

gaminoz2067d ago

And Frostbite engine too. But these games have never appealed to me.

DeusExer2067d ago

Can't say I was ever excited for this one.

Belgavion2067d ago

About as excited for this one as I am about a new Kane and Lynch