Microsoft To Offer Free Live Service Like Sony PS4's PSN? Don't Count On It

Some of the rumors surrounding Microsoft and the Xbox 720 haven't exactly been very flattering. Blocking used games, requiring an Internet connection to do anything? They've been bad enough that some gamers have already been convinced to jump ship and switch to Sony and the PS4.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

I never counted on it because Microsoft is greedy and only cares about what makes them money even if it means doing things everyone hates like charging you to play your games online you done paid for.

LOGICWINS1738d ago

If "everyone" hated it, then Microsoft wouldn't be charging for it...since no one would be buying it. Clearly its working for them despite what you or I think.

Godmars2901738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

The thing is that most people complain about it with some of those same people paying for it regardless.

Then there's the other subsect who don't know better. Who bought into positive advertising and negative press regarding the competition.

In otherwords, it works for MS to a degree. When it stops working for them they'll likely change things, but by then the question will be when will they realize it and will such change be enough.

[email protected]:
"While XBLG still will be $60/yr but it will get you
-free online video service(Hulu,Netflix, Crackle or etc) no account needed. Meaning you could acess these service without the actual need of an account."

Yeah, most of that's not happening, but Crackle is free and doesn't require an account.

LOGICWINS1738d ago

^^For it to change, Sony would need to heavily advertise PS Plus so that people see how bad a deal they're getting with Live. Id say that every premium PS3 SKU($399 and above) should include a month of PS Plus. Once people see how good a deal it is, most will subscribe for a years membership.

I was on Home last night and surprisingly, many people had that Plus symbol over their heads. That night club for PS Plus members was pretty awesome. And the new theater lobby is dope! WAAAAY better than the one they had before.

Godmars2901738d ago

No. Sony needed - as in the past tense - to counter the stigma MS was placing on Blu-ray when that nonsesne started. To paste a few, "playable on PS3" stickers on DVD and BR cases. Gotten their movie division in full step behind them and worked to have Crackle - which is owned by Sony - working on the PS3's browser ASAP if not day-one. And certainly not let it on the 360 instead of just denying them access to Ghostbusters for a few months.

Now, as far as countering MS entertainment plans they need to get GoogleTV on the PS4, then those two companies sells the other's product.

Really hoping for HOME they up the load/area transition times. Bring some of its focus back to being a game cross-area instead of an MMO.

Also might want to try out the pirate cove game.

SpringHeeledJack1738d ago

Nonsense statement. Many people hate paying for xbox live but have no choice if they want to play online or that's where all their friends are. And MS know it's simply unrealistic that people are gonna dump their friends on one console buy another n play alone on it.

MS are morally wrong to charge twice for playing a game especially if you bought that game brand new since they got their share of profits from that.

Stop defending MS and put the sheild away. They are wrong on this.

Wenis1738d ago

The thing that is really stupid about Xbox live, isn't the fact that you gotta pay, but its the fact that Microsoft still shoves ads in your face even if your a gold member.

MikeMyers1738d ago

They charge because they can, it really is that simple. Once numbers start to fall they will have to take a serious look at their model. Until then why would they drop it?

Microsoft will continue to partner itself with media suppliers, try to offer exclusive partnerships and offer apps and media services in a all-in-one box. I don't like having to pay just to play with other people online but that's just the way it is. If Microsoft continues to branch away from key exclusives and narrows it down to just a few like Halo and Forza, then consumers will look at other options more than they are now. This is why it's important for Nintendo, Valve and Sony to do well. It keeps Microsoft in check.

Nobody is being forced to pay Live fees. There are other game platforms out there if the fee is too much for them or they don't want to support a fee based model. There's no point in getting all bent out of shape over Live fess when you can buy a Wii U, PS3/PS4 or support PC gaming.

Also to note, those 46 million Live members are all not Gold. Most likely half of them. So will Microsoft actually take such a huge risk and require it's next system to be online enabled? I doubt it. They don't have the numbers to count on those people always staying connected.

ziggurcat1738d ago

@ logicwins:

it's amazing how something that you're forced to buy into just to be able to play half of almost every game on the market does, isn't it?

badz1491737d ago

But if I'm in charge of MS, I'll keep charging no matter what. Too few people have the guts to say no and they have always had the option to stay away from it and buy the other consoles but by looking at the amount of people willing to pay and even going to the extend of diffending it for MS, there is really no real reason for MS to stop charging

andrewsqual1737d ago

@LOGICWINS Clearly people want to play online. You have to pay a full premium service for just one feature that you want. If Online Gaming went free in Xbox Live tomorrow but it was still Gold for all the other features and 100 people's memberships were running out tomorrow, how many people do you think would go Gold again? 80 of those people, 20? How about ZERO. I have alot of friends who memberships of Gold have either expired or are just about to and they aren't paying for it anymore. They are jumping ship as they call it. Must be because
they love Gold Membership.

On another note, Free PS4 PSN? Since when? This has not been announced yet and we have to wait for E3 for something like this. Then again the WiiU was at E3 for the second year running last year and they still never divulged ANY new info on the console at all, so any kind of detailed information from Sony and Microsoft about their platforms this year will be welcome.

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zeal0us1738d ago

I don't count on MS giving XBLG for free. They could at least incorporate a B2P option that allow you to pay once and have online gaming,messaging and chat $60 or less. They could call it XBLS+ or just XBLS.

While XBLG still will be $60/yr but it will get you
-free online video service(Hulu,Netflix, Crackle or etc) no account needed. Meaning you could acess these service without the actual need of an account.
-Discount on DLC and other products
-Early Access to demos, dlc and etc
-No ads with services like Facebook,twitter and etc

jadenkorri1738d ago

i hope you mean for the next xblg on the next xbox, currently, paying for gold does not give you access to netflix, you still need to pay netflix 7.99 or 8.99 whatever the price. If XBLG currently gave an account for netflix, xbox live is way cheaper than paying for netflix.


Optimistic but it will never happen. Look at xbox live right now and the model it presents... pay pay pay. I hope Microsoft falls flat on it's face before that kind of practice becomes industry standard. Unless they start offering up dedicated servers for every game next gen nothing will warrant their subscription fee. I used to be part of the brainwashed bunch paying for that mess.

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dcbronco1738d ago

The people that complain about the ads are funny. Developers complain that their products don't get enough attention, but most of the "ads" are for games or movies on the system. Which is just someone paying to say look at my game/movie/DLC. What's next no advertising on TV.

Just another bit of nonsense repeated over and over by fanboys.

joab7771737d ago

More likely that psn will become a paid service. I know that they will hav ps world or the new ps+ but there maybe a basic payment service.

andrewsqual1737d ago

But basic online pay will still be free.

AngelicIceDiamond1737d ago

Its obvious another Doom and Gloom article.

"Some of the rumors surrounding Microsoft and the Xbox 720 haven't exactly been very flattering. Blocking used games, requiring an Internet connection to do anything? They've been bad enough that some gamers have already been convinced to jump ship and switch to Sony and the PS4."

For somebody who keeps up with game news they've certainly been living under a rock I've sense bias.

"Microsoft to offer Free Xbox Live" They already do, assuming people mean free MP. In which yes I believe MS will give that to us with silver, but gold will be where its at come next gen.

ichimaru1737d ago

as opposed to whom? I can't stand Microsoft's tactics, but please don't pretend any company( whose job it is to aquire your money) cares about you. that hivemind mentality is what scares me about n4g

bohemian 231737d ago

Your comment defies logic, every company does things to make money. You act like the next playstation is going to be free.

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GamerzElite1738d ago

Might be free cause in year 2013 they gave free XBL access to non gold member more than 2 time.

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josephayal1738d ago

I used to like Xbox Live. Then I got a PC and realized I was paying 60 bucks a year to be able to chat outside of the game, tbh xbox live is the best money I spend

Thirty3Three1738d ago

I wasn't sure whether do agree or disagree with him...

shivvy241737d ago

Same here , so I just reported him for being gay

CanadianTurtle1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

You know, I wonder...

With all the money that Microsoft is making from their online services and from other industries, can't they at least put a little more effort on releasing some AAA exclusives. They have the budget for more "killer-app" franchises.

After Gears and Halo, what do they really have that makes people go, "oh man I gotta buy the 360."

Their LIVE payments are painful because I can't believe I have to pay 60bucks yearly to play online when another console is giving the service for free.

If the majority of the consumers were a bit smarter and understood that Microsoft is just charging for their online because they "can," not because their online services are 1000x better with no lag.

dcbronco1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Turtle if you care so much about exclusives, tell me which of these games you own? Or do you own all of them.

Starhawk, Battle Royale, SOCOM, Twisted Metal, Resistance 3, inFamous 2, LBP Kart and LBP 2.

If you don't own most of them please let the exclusives argument. Microsoft started off with some exclusives and after they didn't do well made a sound business decision to stop making so many. It isn't about being greedy. It's about not losing money forever. Sony has now closed studios and stopped some franchises. Because it's smart business. You can't just keep making games that don't sell well.

Larry L1737d ago

When has MS ever put any effort into making their own exclusives? They MAYBE helped fund/advertise a tiny handfull. All the decent exclusives 360 had early on were just 3rd party stuff that MS paid for some times exclusivity on. I'm not a MS fan, and even when I had my xboxes, I wasn't a Halo fan, sO I wouldn't know......were Halo 1-3 even really a first party studio for MS? What about Turn10? Are they first party for MS......or are they more like a 3rd party that is adamantly exclusive? MS has done NOTHING with RARE, and I think/hope they finally sold the developer.

Regardless......nothing MS has for 1st party software con compare to the absolutely incredible ensamble of studios Sony has actually under it's roof. Even the most ardent fanboy of any other gaming platform HAS to be pretty impressed with Sony's own game development studios. And they are all currently in like "showing mf'ers what's up-mode", and have been for the last couple years with no signs of slowing down.

Also, your comment is funny in that you list all those games and say well if you don't own them...then exclusives shouldn't matter to you (paraphrasing). I don't own a single one of those (though I will get all stars when I can get it new for $20 or less.....which is what I think it's worth).....yet I still have bought well over 40 PS3 exclusives either digital or retail. That's the kind of exclusive library Sony offers it's gamers......and that matters.

dcbronco1736d ago

Perfect Dark was MS. Kameo was MS. There were others like Viva Pinata. "Incredible" ensamble. Did you look at that list I have up there. Why don't people buy those games. They have the install base. Most of the consoles are on the free MP system. Why didn't people buy MAG and those listed games.

I know, you'll pretend they sold and that we just don't know it right? Here's the thing. If they sold we would have seen more of them sooner. Well again, Zipper is gone so no more SOCOM or MAG. Even though Zipper did so well and made such a huge profit for Sony.

The reality is far too many of Sony's exclusives don't sell. And you have to wonder about the coming months and years too. For all of the MS abandoned the hardcore nonsense, it looks like continuing to make games for current consoles is plain stupid if sales of Gears and God of War are any indication.

Beyond and Last of US may be alright. But if Sony continues to push three or four poorly selling exclusives each year they will really be throwing away money.

WUTCHUGUNNADO1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Microsoft completely dismantled RAREWARE... I surprised that there aren't more people upset about that. Rare's rep sheet was great until Microsoft acquired them... N64's best games were from RARE.

Morgue1738d ago

But if people don't care that they're paying to play then make all the applications free.