Zentendo Preview: Mushroom Men

Zentendo love a game demo where the developers can be heard saying things like, "We work on the projection that 20% of DS owners lose their styluses. You'll find lots of 'em lying around." Don't worry, they aren't talking about your long lost pointing pal. They're talking about a key item pick-up in Mushroom Men for Wii & DS. The brilliant minds at Red Fly Studios exhibited the new title at Gamecock Media's EIEIO event in Austin, TX last week.

It's a fungal adventure of tiny-sized proportions, and it looks fantastic. Just looking at the amazing concept artwork sucks you into the miniature universe created within the game. While a good bit of the storyline details are yet to be unearthed, Zentendo do know that it all starts when an alien meteorite strikes our planet, creating an incredible microcosm of life right under the noses of the oblivious humans in the existing populace.

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