50 people evacuated in Arizona for a block of Super Mario

Bomb technicians were called to inspect a golden mystery box with question marks on its side.

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Animavicion1255d ago

I think all we suspected:

NastyLeftHook01255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

wow what is this world coming too, i have to admit, it was funny as hell though, and clever. but with the oklahoma situation its understandable things can get a little dicey . and i also live by the area in phoenix.

TheXonySbox1255d ago

Lighten up,

Because of a few crazies people should stop trying to have fun?

No way, keep at it. Freedom to live however you want. Thats what these pranksters are doing.

Guitardr851255d ago


Tell all of the people in Boston to lighten up. I agree that people live free and not be afraid of the future...carpe diem, but there are also things known as timing and tact. Because of the TIMING of this funny joke, it lacked TACT.

Give it a year or so and it would have been a little funny!

Gh05t1255d ago


So your saying in a year the Boston tragedy would be forgotten (or at least not a big deal enough to make a joke) and a possible bomb threat is funny because time passed?

This lacks TACT regardless of time but most jokes aren't filled with TACT

Or its funny because it WAS harmless and the only reason its even thought of as a threat was because people are freaked out because they live with a false since of security and were shocked back into reality just last week.

Pozzle1255d ago

Better to be safe than sorry.

HardCover1254d ago

"Freedom to live however you want" is extremely naive and juvenile.

Show some tact, people.

TheXonySbox1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

You people live in fear, what a sad pathetic world we live in. Freedom is worth nothing if you live with fear of everything that could possible (1/300,000000) chance of it being a bomb AKA it isnt likely at all.

I'll take real freedom before coping out to fear like the rest of ya.

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stuna11254d ago

It really would have been a riot if Snake jump out of the box!

1nsaint1254d ago

Or if there was a bob-omb in there :p

Donnieboi1254d ago

It's the sign of the times, man. People now have to worry about crazy religious fanatics randomly attacking us. I mean, they blew up a race marathon. What purpose does that do to further their cause, when they attack civilians who are not even taking place in any religious, government, etc functions?

So that's why maybe these people were afraid. Yeah it seems obvious to us that it's a mario box, but tensions are fierce.

Matpan1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

And some other people have to worry about a so called first world country running amok pretending to be the world police and standing for "peace" and "freedom" while preemptively attacking any possible threats. All in the name of the best business they know how to run: WAR.

Please don´t be so naive as to call all violence cast on the United States random... Sure, tragic and completely unjistifiable... but random?

And one sometimes has to wonder if such acts, which so well fit the agenda of tightening your security policies (both abroad and homeland) always come from outside...

Tetsujin1254d ago

Whoever did this earns "Troll of the year" award.

teresa3smi1254d ago SpamShow
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HammadTheBeast1255d ago


from the beach1254d ago

Not funny, that could have been a bob-omb.

Tetsujin1254d ago

And your princess, cuz he's rapin everybody out there

whamlollypop71255d ago

We live in a hilarious and terrifying world don't we?

elhebbo161255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

its called 'MURICA.
edit: it was a joke

GetSnooked1255d ago

If the snake's in there... Then what's on the plane?? O.o

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