One of the two Sega Plutos is up for auction

Josh Newey writes: In the wake of the Sega Pluto news that has had us all frothing at the mouth for the past week, it appears that one of the only two Pluto owners in existence has taken this opportunity to cash in on the furor, posting the prototype console for auction on GameGavel.

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majiebeast2060d ago

Has anyone contacted Sega or Peter Moore about if its legit? I mean its been almost 20 years and all of a sudden 2 of these show up.

SegaGamer2059d ago

What's the point selling it ? it's not like you can do anything with it.

TheDudeAbides122058d ago

I think you mean what's the point in buying it. Because it's so rare this thing could easily go for around $10,000. If you're not an obsessive collector or a huge Sega fan, there's no reason not to make ridiculous bank off of something like this by selling it.

On the other hand, the point of buying it is to own what is potentially the rarest Sega THING out there. If you're a collector and a Sega fanatic, there are few things more coveted.