Next Call of Duty may be titled, "Dark Skyline"

OnlySP: I absolutely hate reporting on rumors, and believe me, the community as of late has been great at debunking almost every single one we’ve found, but I certainly looked around a lot this time before posting this one, so hopefully we’re on the right track. Recently on the Call of Duty forums, a user was scrounging around the Official Call of Duty website looking for anything they could find on the next Call of Duty when they apparently found a splash page on the site with a logo and a countdown.

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Metamorph932039d ago

Seems more legit than a rip off of Ghost Recon.

Jek_Porkins2039d ago

The Ghost in the name in the previous rumors had to do with the character of Ghost, who is actually very popular.

Root2039d ago

yeah popular with 12 year olds

RyuCloudStrife2039d ago

Dedicated servers or GTFO!!!

trenso12039d ago

kinda like the name but its going to take more than that to get me back in this series

PockyKing2039d ago

I think it's an interesting title. Been searching for the past hour to find anything that could debunk this and I can't. Hopefully we'll know in a few days time so all these Ghost, MW4 and now Dark Skyline rumors can be put to rest. Fun speculating what it could be though.

B-radical2039d ago

Past hour? Thats alot of time to waste on cod man

PockyKing2039d ago

I just like finding information on stuff. And yea, went a little over board haha but already worked today and all that jazz so oh well.

LightSamus2039d ago

Maybe I'm missing something, but if it were legit and not public knowledge, why would the Tweet count at the bottom read 6,652?

PockyKing2039d ago

Would be so much easier to debunk if there was a cache on the page on the 11th of April, but there's not.

venom062039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

poor CoD fanboys are getting antsy because IW and the bunch of other dev are tryin to throw something together to sell this year but are slow to talk about it. NO DOUBT, they'll quickly throw something together, but have no fear, whatever is thrown together with insane Lag Compensation and no dedicated servers will still get a 9 from the fanboys @ IGN.. (i.e MW3)

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The story is too old to be commented.