Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4’ PS4 and Xbox 720 versions discussed

Dan Amrich has made an interesting comment in regards to the potential PS4 and Xbox 720 versions of the rumored multiplatform video game, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.” According to a report by CVG Australia on April 19, the community manager from Activision calls the two next-generation systems an “interesting problem.” He also implied that the Xbox 720 may not be released in 2013.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1700d ago

"Activision calls the two next-generation systems an “interesting problem.” He also implied that the Xbox 720 may not be released in 2013"

An interesting problem? How stupid! Also no next gen Xbox in 2013 would anger lots of gamers.

LOGICWINS1700d ago

Why would gamers get angry if the next-gen Xbox(an unannounced console that only exists in the minds of gamers) doesn't release this year? 98% of gamers aren't going to buy this thing at launch.

AngryEnglish1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

98% of gamers are not going to buy the next Xbox at launch????? Where did you pluck that number from? Haha the drivel that comes from some peoples mouths is amazing....

LOGICWINS1700d ago

Look at the install base of every console that has released for the past 10 years. Over 98% of those sales occured AFTER launch day. The best predictor of the future is the past.

Larry L1700d ago

If it were any other console, I'd say you were right logicwins. Console's user bases grow over's common sense. But with 360......i don't know. How many sales does 360 have? About 70M like PS3, right? 360 had about 10M it's first year if memory serves.....well.....I could see each of those 10 million having bought 7 replacement 360s.......some maybe MS COULD get 98% of it's user base at launch.......

*I'm being silly obviously, for the vast number of people on the internet who don't seem to understand such things*

AngryEnglish1700d ago

OK now your saying sales lol that's nothing to do with gamers. Your logic doesn't make sense mate

98% of gamers is not 98% of sales, see where I'm coming from, they would have to have over 70 million consoles available on launch day to say what you did about install base, your 1st remark was that only 2 percent of gamers will buy on launch, again for that to be right there would need to be over 70 millions consoles on launch day, as with every console launch over the this gen, there is never enough to fill demand

delboy1700d ago

Logicwins is right.

There's no way that the nextxbox and ps4 is gonna sell more than 10M in first year.
Anything more than 5M in first year would be a huge success.
And launch window is considered first 3 months.
Now do the math.

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Godmars2901700d ago

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4’ PS4 and Xbox 720 versions discussed"

So in other words, nothing is actually discussed.

PockyKing1700d ago

Typical "Examiner" piece for you..

jay21700d ago

If that 720 news is true, sony really cant f**k up and leave Europe till *14.

Jek_Porkins1700d ago

We all know the next Xbox is coming out later this year, all the coy third parties dancing around the subject because of confidentiality agreements.

Activision doesn't want to release a COD game on consoles with little to no install base, which is why they probably weren't in favor of new consoles, they have the most to lose with their top franchise.

I'm interested to see if they release the same MW4 game on current consoles and new ones, or if they'll make a different COD game for next gen systems.

M-M1700d ago

No one knows if they next Xbox is coming out this year, that's just what we are lead to believe. Trust me, Activision wants money so they'll definitely be releasing MW4 on next generation consoles. It will most likely be MW4 on all of the systems.

NastyLeftHook01700d ago

i think ps4 will release first with call of duty.

Bathyj1700d ago

Actually we know nothing at the moment. But its likely true.

I think MS will have bought some sort of exclusive content or something as well to make the XB3 seem like the console for Call of Duty when they announce it.

GamerzElite1700d ago

Is lag issue exist in Next Gen COD?

M-M1700d ago

It exists on almost every COD.

FITgamer1700d ago

"Almost" should not be in that comment.

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