Bonus Round - Will Apple Dominate Next Gen?

GT:Forget Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo! Do the big three have to worry about the other players in the game industry?

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NYC_Gamer2065d ago

I don't like Apple and their closed format products

dedicatedtogamers2065d ago

People forget that Apple doesn't actually make any games, nor have they made any effort to keep games exclusive to their platform. People buy Apple products for the social status first, the functionality second, and the games third (if at all).

chrispseuphoria2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

That's what scares me about gaming on Apple. I'm not even sure Apple cares about games. The former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, was notorious for not caring about games on his platform and if Apple are dominant, who will care for portable gaming anymore if the hardware maker doesn't?

decrypt2064d ago

"I don't like Apple and their closed format products"

How is that different from consoles? all of them are closed platforms.

On topic

No i dont think Apple will be much of a threat, yes they will be an annoyance on the handheld sector specially for the casual gamers. For the hardcore not at all.

I would think Steam is a far bigger threat to consoles at the moment.

IcyEyes2064d ago

I totally agree ... I dont see why people disagree with you ... you just tell the truth

thechosenone2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

"closed format products"

Like their support of HTML5 and helping to popularize it and make it a standard. Or what about H.264? AAC? Webkit? Or how about their Operating System which is based on Free BSD. Dude you have no idea of what you're talking about. Compared to the rest of the companies out there, Apple is the least closed/proprietary these days and especially when compared to Sony or MS...bwahah!

And it's because of Apple's iTunes store and its business model that the PS4 will be more open and less restrictive next-gen then what it was this gen. Sony copied it down to the last detail.

Apple's focus is elsewhere, they have no desire of getting into the gaming space in the traditional sense like Sony and MS have, what they do is create a platform and allow creatives to populate it with whatever they want to create and if it sells great, if not they move on to what will.

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Apex132064d ago

I have recently moved to Android and it's not great. I am going back to my secure and closed environment that even MS are now copying lol

ApolloTheBoss2065d ago

They won't be dominating my next-gen.

Qrphe2065d ago

Who knows the way the industry is going tbh

2064d ago
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