First Look At GTA IV HUD? (Wanted Stars?)

DarkZero writes: "Checking out the original screenshot may not result in much excitement (other than the normal GTA hype you have got to be used to by now), but eagle eyed people may spot that hidden away in the top right hand corner of the screen are five familiar stars every GTA fan will know about. If you still can't see it then we have tried to point out the stars the best we can in the image above. Could these stars be a first look at part of GTA IV HUD?"

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TrevorPhillips3723d ago

good but you know whats even better the cops in this part are more A.I Artificial Intelligence so watch out when your gettin chased by the cops aka Five 0's :)

Quicksilva3723d ago

Talk about some CRAZY photoshop skills!

Mr_Showtime13723d ago

I thought they got rid of the star system...?

TheExecutive3723d ago

nah they arent getting rid of it but they are redoing it.

r3surr3ction3723d ago

looks pretty fake 2 me
any one can put 5stars on a screenshot like that.ll say itz shoppd

Tarmgar3723d ago

I love the star system in GTA. But let's hope that the police don't immediately know where your exact location is as soon as you commit a crime or they always know it no matter where you are.

Ovidius3723d ago

I hate how I'm in the middle of nowhere and I blow up some random car(San Andreas by the way) and somehow I get a wanted level and one or two cops come from nowhere. I run to the mountain also, they didn't see me and somehow they catch me. Bah I can't explain it very well. But I get what you mean, and you do too.

I think you should only be able to get a wanted level if the cops literally SEE you or someone tells on you, and you can hide in places and if they see you they go after you, if they don't then they look all over for you. I hope that's fixed in GTAIV..

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The story is too old to be commented.