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Submitted by Chaosmedia 1025d ago | opinion piece

Will The (Next Xbox) Be Cheaper Than The PS4? Most Likely.

We Give Our Two Cents On If The Next Generation X-Box Console Will Be Cheaper Than The Playstation 4.

Doing a little bit of overtime writing. I figured I would share my views on why Microsoft will most certainly be cheaper with their brand new console than SONY will be with the Playstation 4. Why this topic you ask? Well to be frank , as I currently work within the retail industry I'm sick to death of customers constantly checking on whether or not we have a price for either console yet. Hell I don't even know what to say to people who claim "The XBOX '720' will WRECK the PS4 'snort"

But I do honestly believe that the new Xbox console will retail at a cheaper price tag than the super powered Playstation 4, and here's why. (industry, Microsoft, Next-Gen, PlayStation, PS3, Sony, Xbox 360)

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NastyLeftHook0  +   1025d ago
we all find out e3, but i can see this happening. all i know is i will wait before i ever buy a microsoft console at launch again because my previous experience with the 360. so ill get a ps4 first(at launch ) and see how good the hardware from microsoft is.
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sengoku  +   1025d ago
M$ might be cheaper but no more than $50
so i don't think there much of a difference.
as for sony operating in the red and could not take a loss.
i think you'd be surprised. they will sell PS4 at a loss no doubt.
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Yi-Long  +   1025d ago
It won't matter to me anymore...
... MS has shown it's true face this generation, and especially the last few years, and Sony has really stepped up the last few years and looked after MY interest as a GAMER, by focussing on GAMES, instead of on motion-gaming and dashboard apps.

I started out this generation as big fan of the 360, after having loved my original Xbox. I never owned a PS1 or PS2 before.

In the beginning, there was MUCH to love about the 360, but I guess somewhere halfway through this generation, Microsoft decided it wanted to appeal to a different kind of audience, and kinda lost track of the fact that many people like me bought a 360 as a GAMES-console.

Not to mention the whole 'paying to play online' thing.

The last few years, the only really GREAT thing about owning a 360, were the EXCELLENT releases on XBLA, but I expect that next-gen, more and more indie-developers will leave MS and opt for Android instead. More freedom, lower cost, more input after the release when it comes to patches and price.

(I would have mentioned Forza 4 and Horizons as great exclusives, but I haven't bothered picking them up, because of all the greedy DLC...)

Nope, Microsoft has really lost my interest. I was theirs and they neglected me, and we grew apart, and Sony was there to catch me.

Next-gen, I'll be getting a PS4, and most likely a Steam-box.
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user7693958  +   1025d ago
it will ship with kinect right? and the lower specs are to balance the price with the kinect and make it even to the PS4 price..

I don't believe it.. but may have a very basic console with no kinect and very low hard drive at a cheaper price.
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g2gshow  +   1025d ago
@ yi-long

dude you speak the truth for anyone that had original xbox an 360. this is what happen it's the TRUTH now you lames or sheep can disagree

Microsoft whole attitude change

when sony was on top they were the same

sony's Ken Kutaragi "if gamer's want a ps3 they need to work more hours "
told people to get a second job... do you forget so easily.

real cocky just like most of the executive at these game companies till they see numbers drop then they become our best friend again

it's microsoft turn.... they will learn to respect the gamers that keep their pockets lined with gold

nintendo is feeling it too gamers wont be blinded for to long you just can't put anything out an not expect some of the sheep not to wake up
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joab777  +   1025d ago
It will be but both will b affordable. I really think that the ps4 will be the hardcore fans choice but the xbox will grab many casual gamers and kids. Xbox is looking to be an entertainment device and I am sure they r banking on the fact that many gamers may buy the ps4 first but with a good pricepoint will ultimately buy an xbox too.

Just like this gen, the ps4 will have tons of exclusives etc. But the xboxs online and multitasking features will be awesome and very appealing to tech nerds. The desktop pc is a dying entity and microsoft maked most of its money there so it has to make a move on the future. Apple and Google have failed, basically in selling their aTV boxes. Microsoft will succeed.
FITgamer  +   1025d ago
I agree ive owned every major console since NES, and the 360 is the only console that has failed on me (barely made it 2 years). If the Nextbox isn't always-online and has some decent exclusives i'll consider buying it in the future.
VINNIEPAZ  +   1025d ago
I've own most systems too. U mean to tell me you never had a PS1 or dreamcast die on you? Even a DRE problem on a PS2? You must be very lucky if your Xbox is the only thing to die in your gaming days
Blaze929  +   1025d ago
clearly, he's talking nonsense. Not even the most gullible would believe of every major console since NES, the 360 was his only "faulty" system. Luck aint even got anything to do with that.
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NukaCola  +   1025d ago
The most durable and longest lasting system I own is the Xbox. The cheapest and most broken system I own is the Xbox 360. I don't know why they made such an awesome console last gen but a hunk of of junj with problems this one.
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Godchild1020  +   1025d ago
@Vinniepaz and Blaze929, I have a Super Nintendo, Sega genesis, Dreamcast, N64, PS1, PS1 Slim, PS2, PS2 Slim, PS3 Phat, PS3 Slim, PS3 Super Slim, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox 360s, Wii, Wii U, DS, 3DS, PSP and a Vita and the only system that I have had that have broke on me was the 360 white version.

I take care of my consoles; Clean them once a week and to this day can play everyone of them. I may have to blow into the cartridge to play my Super Nintendo or my N64, but that's normal for those that had one back in the day.
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Darrius Cole  +   1025d ago
He is probably not talking nonsense. Of all the consoles I've owned or known owned others to own the Xbox 360 is the only one the I've known to fail. All my friend have had a 360 to die at least once. Strangely my 360 has lasted four years. I'm the only one never to have a 360 to die.
FITgamer  +   1025d ago
@VINNIEPAZ I actually haven't. Only handelds, a few gameboys and 2 psp. That's not because they were designed poorly, but because i dropped them or spilled a drink on them. I've always done regular maintenance on my systems and never did stupid things like placing them on top of other electronics or on the carpet.
InMyOpinion  +   1025d ago
@tentonsoftube - It's pretty safe to assume the hardware of the next Xbox will be stable at launch. All eyes will be on them and they can't afford to have another "RROD" scandal.

@FITgamer - You never owned a PS1? It was impossible to have one of those for more than 3 years without having to turn it upside down in order to work.
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AceofStaves  +   1025d ago
I bought my PS1 in 1997, and I've never had a problem with it since then. It still works as it did back then. I've certainly never had to turn it upside down to get it to work.

My launch-model PS2 has only had a couple of DRE errors, and those related to movies not games. It's starting to show it's age, but it's still chugging along after all these years.

I guess it comes down to how people use their consoles.
Blaze929  +   1025d ago
It's a Sony product holding the SONY brand name. Sony's always been an almost, exclusive kind of brand with their products hence the pricing behind them. Computers, music players, televisions, media players, cameras, etc. You truly do get what you pay for, some good ass reliable hardware.

except for when those batteries were blowing up in Vaio laptops...but other than that!

I don't doubt for a second the next Xbox will be cheaper than the PS4.

I wouldn't be surprised if like now, Microsoft continues to offer the subscription based style of paying off the hardware. Purchase up front for maybe $99, $199 and pay the rest off in installments.

I wonder how that is currently working for them though. That and HOW does it work? Sounds pretty much like a credit card for one purpose. So would people need good credit?
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andrewsqual  +   1025d ago
HIGHLY likely. Will it have over priced accessories and subscriptions that practically everybody needs to add another 150 quid to the price tag?
100% guaranteed.
@joab777 Lol and yet every body I know who loves their Xbox has a PS3 too for the exclusives and a Netflix and bluray player. Anybody who loves the PS3 first has no need for an Xbox 360. You got that completely the wrong way around.
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OrbitalBT  +   1025d ago
My answer is most likely not.

they already have a console that's $300 dollars cheaper. it supports HDMI and has built in WIFI. for a $99 dollar console it's pretty sufficient and up to date for current TVs.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1025d ago
"Will The (Next Xbox) Be Cheaper Than The PS4? Most Likely."

Just like 360! Less AAA exclusive games to buy!

Look at ps3! Just playin Ni No Kuni then The last of us and Beyond coming so 360 fans are lucky they can keep their money. Nothing new there.

Sounds like trolling I know. But at least I didn't lie.
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Ausbo  +   1025d ago
xbox 720- $400 and $450
Ps4- $450 and $500
lilbrat23  +   1024d ago
When I buy a system at launch I always get the extra insurance through Best Buy (usually 2yrs) From what I have gather of the rumors it might be cheaper but I think it might be in the same range as the PS4.
SlavisH2  +   1025d ago
Great another persons two cents! I think we are about at 62 cent now and its all about as useless as 62 cent, lol.
LOGICWINS  +   1025d ago
No, I don't think so. Unless Sony's being run by chimpanzees and walruses, I'm sure they realize that one of the reasons the 360 was so successful last gen was because Microsoft gave consumers OPTIONS($199 Arcade model, $299 Pro model etc.) Sony won't make the same mistake this gen. Count on it.
Knight_Crawler  +   1025d ago
I understand what you are saying but maybe selling the PS4 at a loss at launch is not an option for Sony because they cannot afford it being that financially the company has been in the red for a long time.

MS on the other hand can afford to sell the 720 at a loss so I can see them trying to make the 720 $100 or more cheaper than the PS4 and dont care if they are taken a loss on every console sold as long as they get 720's in peoples homes and get them to subscribe to Live, which is MS cash cow and if rumors are true about the 720 being an all in one machine then Live will be a huge part of MS revenue next gen

I know you will come back with some good argument as to why I am wrong and you are right but I just want to express that both companies are in different circumstances financially and I dont see MS being ok with the PS4 being cheaper.

@Munky - Depends on which rumors you want to believe - I saw rumors anbout the being a beast and having two APU's.

@Godmars - "You cab be certain" last I heard we know nothing about the 720 and people are just following rumors.

@Software - I like big booty girls too.

@Andreas - Well said BUBBLES!

@Statix - You are forgetting that the PS4 will also have a Kinect like camera that is needed for the DS4 controller to work so more than likely it will be included with the PS4.

@Green Ranger - The Black Ranger rules and I will also own both consoles.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1025d ago
The only way I see the 720 being cheaper than the PS4 is if you count the subscription model. Other than that I actually expect them to be the price. I believe Sony will match the Wii U price like they did the 3DS with the Vita.

So I'm expecting $300 or $350 for the cheapest PS4 model. Same for the 720 as well as rumors have been saying $300 for the 720 for a while now.
Statix  +   1025d ago
Every single Playstation console has been sold at a loss, at launch, so I don't see that changing this time around.

I could, however, see the margins being closer than before (unlike the PS3, which saw the console being sold at a massive loss), but that would be more of a statement on the state of the economy as a whole, and also the fact that x86 components would be cheaper to manufacture than more exotic processors.

Thus, selling at a loss, particularly if it's not a huge loss, wouldn't financially be a problem for Sony. They would likely recoup any losses incurred by the sale of a system just with the purchase of a couple PS4 games.

One fact that some gamers tend to forget is that Microsoft is in the business of making money as well. They won't severely under-price something and potentially lose massive amounts of money just for the sake of it--they'll do what is the best business decision for them. There's a reason that Xbox Live isn't free, and that they're considering banning used games--because Microsoft, like every other company, loves money. Don't expect them to do gamers any favors that fly in the face of profitability.
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avengers1978  +   1025d ago
At first 360 console was cheaper then PS3, but I think now there about even. 360 needed a wifi add on and a hd DVD add on( witch was a complete waste of money to those who purchased one considering hddvd lost out to blu-ray) to make it on par with what PS3 had already in it. Lets also not forget that the first PS3's were B/C
Godmars290  +   1025d ago
I'm "certain" because they advertise the 360 starting at $99 yet don't mention XBL Gold or the cost of their HDD.
humbleopinion  +   1024d ago
Live Gold WAS MS cash cow, but I highly doubt about the future: When Xbox 360 came out there was no other console to compete with it's online, and it took the PS3 a few years to even get close. So people got used to paying money for online, and eventually they had all their friends there and so they didn't want to jump ship.

But this time things are different: Sony came prepared, and they are not charging for online gaming. If Microsoft doesn't offer free online gaming people will do the math and simply not bother with their service and console: just like what happened when MS tried to charge for GFWL gold and because of that the service never took off even after they dropped it. Let's hope they learned from that mistake...
MikeMyers  +   1025d ago
If Microsoft is smart (many times I question that) they will come out with a $199 system that has a subscription model built in. A 3 year term that gives consumers Xbox Live Gold as well as paying off the system. I would think a $9.99 a month would suffice. That's $550 in the end and likely apply to the cheaper model. I expect both Sony and Microsoft to offer two variations, the cheaper being $349-$399 and the other priced at $449-$499.

Sony won't want to out-price itself again early on. They need the PS4 do well out of the gate. Not a slow growth we seen on Vita. Microsoft can afford to take a bigger hit, Sony can't. That means anything over $499 will be hard to sell quickly. Microsoft is very likely to be making partnership deals with cable suppliers that can also offset the hardware costs for a subscription based model.
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LOGICWINS  +   1025d ago
Doing that would be extremely intelligent on Microsoft's part. Sony would be foolish not to do something similar with PS Plus.
DragonKnight  +   1025d ago
Yeah, I seriously doubt that it will be either. I mean if the "cable box" plans are true, then the total cost of owning a NextBox would probably be far more than the PS4 I think. Remember, if the rumours are true, MS don't want just a games console. They want a multimedia center in a box that can also have the 360 attached. All of these plans cost money, and the consumer is going to have to pay for it.
k2d  +   1025d ago
New xbox shipped with kinect 2.0 in the box? I would'nt count on it being cheaper than the PS4.

Unless we se something along the same lines of the first 360 builds.
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andrewsqual  +   1025d ago
Options that everybody requires. (Of course for all us intelligent people here I don't mean that they really do need it. I'm talking about the donkey masses that THINK they need this stuff like the idiots that think their controller and console network connection HAS to be wireless and thus, throw down 90 quid for a wireless adapter because the asshole retail staff tells them they NEED this)
MagneticDeath2  +   1025d ago
I think nextbox will be cheaper at first but then add the price of live to it and it will cost over double what a PS4 will cost.
LOGICWINS  +   1025d ago
The same can be said for cellphone and cable subscriptions. Millions of people are happy to pay these expenses. Why wouldn't it work with the next Xbox considering it will double as a cable box?
violents  +   1024d ago
I agree wholeheartedly, the facts alone will tell you the same. The whole reason they are going with the AMD hardware is for the fact that it is relatively inexpensive tech that's right off the shelf, that is known to work great, that everyone already knows how to program for. Devs are happy with the ease of programming and that should lead to lower production costs, consumers should be happy with a lower buy in price and a plentiful bounty of great games. Everybody wins this gen!

Edit: Also with more inexpensive hardware, they might not have to sell at a loss and still be able to give consumers a good deal.
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Munky  +   1025d ago
Well... If all the rumors are true and the console is as severely under powered then the PS4, it would make sense that the Nextbox would come at a much cheaper price point.
kneon  +   1025d ago
But there are other rumors saying it will be more powerful and have backwards compatibility. If this rumor is the one that is correct then it will almost certainly be more expensive.
Munky  +   1025d ago
Butttt that would mean that the Nextbox will be more powerful and have BC. That can't possibly happen... especially on N4G.
Darrius Cole  +   1025d ago
Xbox 1 was more powerful. So it is possible.
kneon  +   1025d ago

Sure it can happen, just don't expect it to be cheap if it does.

But I'm skeptical of that rumor unless the rumor about the Xbox mini is also true. Microsoft will want to hang on the casual customers they've attracted and they will lose them if the don't have a cheap box for that market.
Munky  +   1025d ago
It's called being sarcastic....
T2  +   1025d ago
Whhat 360 games would I even want to play if it was bc ?
JamieL  +   1024d ago
How could anyone but you know that, but if I had to guess you'd like Disney Sing It, Fairytale Fights, Hannah Montana: The Movie, My Horse & Me 2, and Get Fit With Mel B, seen right up your ally.
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T2  +   1020d ago
@JamieL - wow thats hilarious but the irony is I didn't even know such games exist but you sure do... even so BC is overrrated , new games are where its at, just play the others on the web or pc
Godmars290  +   1025d ago
You can be certain that one version will be technically cheaper.

It will cost more in the long run, but day-one it will be "cheaper".
InMyOpinion  +   1025d ago
And even if it isn't you will still be here claiming that it's "cheaper". Or find something else to nag about. :)
Software_Lover  +   1025d ago
I like big butts and I cannot lie
andreasx  +   1025d ago
Neither the price for the ps4 nor the 720 has been revealed, let alone announced at all(xbox).
Statix  +   1025d ago
I seriously doubt the Xbox 720 will be "cheaper" per se, considering it will pack in Kinect 2.0, which who knows much that component alone will cost to make. That, and the fact that you'll have to pay an additional $60 up-front for just one year of online functionality, and you can see how even if it's "cheaper," it won't be cheaper... if that makes any sense.

Unless there's some kind of subscription model, where the actual console itself will cost $199 or $299 if you commit to a subscription of 4 years of Xbox Live or something. I could see that happening just to give the illusion of a lower price tag. Then again, I could see Sony doing a subscription model akin to that with Playstation Plus.
GreenRanger  +   1025d ago
I plan on owning both, so i hope they are not too expensive.
Premonition  +   1025d ago
Well, as long as MS doesn't repeat what they did last gen, which was forcing the consumer to buy things in order to get the full experience then it should be cheap. The nightmares of trying to go online wireless and having to spend 100 on an adapter, or to upgrade the HDD...
Jek_Porkins  +   1025d ago
If both are $400 each then I'll get both, much more then that and one will have to wait a bit. We did see Microsoft put that they were aiming for a $299 Xbox 720 in the official leaked documents, but that was from a while ago and a lot can change.

I think Microsoft might be able to put out a cheaper console at first because Sony is trying to support the Vita and PS4 at the same time, and that costs a lot of money, where as Microsoft has more money and can afford a loss at first in order to get into more people's homes.

I think we'll see a $300-$400 version of the next Xbox and a $450-$550 version of the PS4, so there probably wont be a huge difference.
Statix  +   1025d ago
Based on previous statements by Mike Cerny and other Sony execs, I could almost guarantee at this point that there will be at least a $399 model of the PS4. Cerny said himself that reaching gamers in the broadest sense was a priority--and to "draw your own conclusions" about price based on that priority. A $399 PS4 would more-or-less fit in-line with such statements.

I rather doubt that either Microsoft or Sony would be targeting a $299 console at launch, just because economically it wouldn't be a smart move (in my opinion). Why price your console so low at launch, when early-adopters are willing to pay much more than that? You would just be cheating yourself out of extra profits if you were to price your console that cheaply.

Not to mention that these consoles are meant to have 8-year life spans. There needs to be additional incentives and motivation for the consumer to buy the console in later years after initial release. If a console is already $299 to start off, then that leaves very little room for price drops in following years to create additional hype and drive hardware sales. In my view, the best strategy would be a moderately priced console (~$399, for example) at launch, and the announcement of a $100 price drop in 2014 to create demand and further drive hardware sales.
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Jek_Porkins  +   1025d ago
I just look at the Vita for pricing on the PS4, Vita launched at $250-$300 respectively, I see the PS4 launching at $450, they might shave off another $50, but who knows?

Microsoft launched a Xbox 360 at $299, I think it's all about getting your software out there and making money off Xbox Live subs, the lower end model might only have flash drive space like the Wii U, or no HDD at all, I am just guessing, but I wouldn't put it past them to release a version in the $300-$350 price range and make it up with Xbox Live and software sales.
Darrius Cole  +   1025d ago
The Xbox 360 launched at $299 & $399US. The PS3 launched at $499 & $599US.
goldwyncq  +   1025d ago
With great power comes great price.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   1025d ago
If you want to be a virgin for the rest of your life...
GetSnooked  +   1025d ago
With great power comes great responsibility!
Funky Town_TX  +   1025d ago
I want both consoles to have the power to push games and apps to the next level. I will not pay more than $400 for a console.
fsfsxii  +   1025d ago
People pay higher for smart phones and tablets but become cheap when its a console
josephayal  +   1025d ago
the cheaper the better
BigStef71  +   1025d ago
I would imagine they would both be similar in price
FreakyFox  +   1025d ago
It dont matter how much it cost, if it has the rip off live service and a small amount of decent exclusives i aint touching it this time around.

Once Gears and Alan Wake were played, i had pretty much done with it.

Bought Disneyland Kinect and Dance Central etc for the kids and they was let down, the look on my daughters face when she could not play Disneyland correctly was heart breaking. No more gimmicks.

Logic most certainly will be applied this coming generation, and i think i speak for alot of Xbox 360 owners without getting into fanboy kung fu.
Rupee  +   1025d ago
Weren't there rumors that MS was going to offer it at a cheeper subsidized(sp?) price but with a contract? Kinda like some US cell carriers? If that's the case I could see it being cheaper up front but more expensive in the long run.
OrangePowerz  +   1025d ago
If the console does come bundled with Kinect as it is rumoured the next box will be higher in price.

If it would be cheaper than the PS4 I would be worried where MS took shortcuts and cheap parts just to bring the prize down. I would be even worried about that if it costs the same as PS4.
GamerElite  +   1025d ago
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richierich  +   1025d ago
Well if MS charge for playing online unlike PSN then the next xbox will cost more in the long term
VoiceMale  +   1025d ago
HTF should u know?.........based on what confirmed hardware?
E3 can't come soon enough all this guess work is ruining journalism
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DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   1025d ago
Oh Microsoft how much publicity you've gained from this website alone.
ACESupERIC  +   1025d ago
I'm late to this conversation but I would like to reply to anybody who doesn't believe fitgamer. I NEVER had a console fail on me from atari 2600 til xbox 360. And I've owned intellivision, turbographix16, jaguar, every sega system and even a virtualboy (shamefully)plus every major console in between.Xbox 360 was the first system that just flat out died on me. I'm on my 4th one now thanks to ms warranty. That being said, I will still buy the new xbox regardless of the price because in case you couldn't tell its all about the games for me. I know ms will have good games and good support from developers so I know my money won't be wasted. But I will also have a ps4 and a wiiu because they also will have good games and that's what its all about right?
Welcome2Die  +   1025d ago
Im buying a PS4 first, Xbox comes second if theyre good enough and Wii U comes last.
wiz7191  +   1025d ago
I kinda see why Microsoft is aiming for the casual market. They are trying to do what the Wii has done, if you think about it the casual gaming market is a much larger then the core gaming market. The Wii in terms of sales demolished the PS3/360 and the Wii was a made for the casual gamer. IMO Microsoft wont abandon the core gamers they are just trying to also appeal to a much larger market. Just imagine if you have everything you need for entertainment in one package, I think Microsoft can pull that off with the 720 or durango.
dcbronco  +   1025d ago
I think all of the gaming companies are looking at it as one big market. Except for Nintendo. They seem to be unwilling to spend the money needed to participate in chasing the average hardcore gamers. They will always have their base. But will struggle to expand until they are willing to add true power to their machines. Their third party developer support reflects that.

But Sony and MS are chasing the same market with the same features. MS will bring original content. Something that has worked wonders for A & E, AMC and the History Channels. Sony will start to use some of the shows they already own. Maybe moving canceled shows to PS4.

But the best way to survive in a market is to grow and the best way to grow is to diversify.
dcbronco  +   1025d ago
That farticle said nothing. It is possible that MS will launch at a cheaper price than the PS4. It will have nothing to do with the current consoles launch histories. It will simply be because MS has gorged themselves this generation. The 360 has been sold at a profit for years and Live has made a ton of money also. MS may spend a billion a year in advertising Xbox, but they make a lot more from sales.

I'm sure some will believe MS is still losing money on Xbox. That idiot at Forbes doesn't help in his effort to get hits. But use a little common sense. Of the nine or ten billion made in the Devices division, over 5 billion is from Xbox. The summaries over the last few years from MS annual reports will tell you that. Some seem to believe Sony has reduced the cost of the PS3 down to the point where each machine makes a profit. But the 360 hasn't even though they have made the same die shrinks but added combining the CPU and GPU. The 360 sells at a nice profit and Live make profit from subscriptions and digital sales.

So since they are so much in the black on Xbox they will be more willing to take a loss early next generation. Though it won't be much of a loss since these consoles won't be nearly as expensive as the current ones were at launch. Even if they launch at $300, the loss will be far less than $100. They will spend a ton in advertising, but that will be offset by the cuts in the annual 1.5 billion a year they spent in R & D in that division. The chips in the 720 will be used in other devices so there won't be the need for separate Surface R & D. Plus economies of scale because of Surface and set-top boxes will cut cost.
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Belking  +   1025d ago
If MS really wanted to, they could price sony right of the market. They can take huge losses but sony can't afford to take many losses on hardware. if MS will be willing to lose a certain amount of money on each console it would force sony to try and match it. Xbox live easily makes up for any losses they take on hardware. Plus they are actually profiting on 360 sales right now.
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T2  +   1025d ago
Wrong im buying a ps4 no matter what
Thomaticus  +   1025d ago
I've already decided to get a PS4. If the Xbox is cheaper than the ps4 then I may end up getting it later on....but this year I want the PS4.
CanadianTurtle  +   1025d ago
Not as cheap when you count the 60 dollar per year online permission...
NeoTribe  +   1025d ago
Ofcourse ps4 will be more. Its better and there no online fee. So actually in all reality xbox will eventually cost more due to yearly renewal. Suckers.
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