Havok Destruction from GDC 2008

Small video of Havok Destruction system. This is from GDC 2008

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TrevorPhillips3721d ago

i love havok engine especially when they used it on elder scrolls 4 it was awesome

InMyOpinion3721d ago

Physics will be in center in the future of games.

Eamon3721d ago


Does UE3 use Havok?

UrbanJabroni3720d ago

UE3 uses Novadex for physics, not Havok. 3rd party companies have integrated Havok into the engine for their own games, however.

antoinetm3720d ago

umm i would have like to hear his answer...

are the columns built in pieces or not.

Scenarist3720d ago

thats exactly what i was wondering