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Tin Salamunic: At first glance Papo & Yo appears like a colorful and cheerful puzzle platformer with a giant pink monster that eats frogs and coconuts. Some might even play though the entire game without truly understandings its darker implications. This is why Papo & Yo is so spectacular and special. Its metaphorical tale that explores fear, abuse, and poverty is portrayed in such a creative manner that each player might take away something different from the experience. Some might simply enjoy its beautiful scenery and interesting environmental puzzles, while others will shiver at the allegory of a child raised by an abusive, alcoholic father. Much like the legendary Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, Papo & Yo steps beyond the conventional implications of how a narrative is treated in video games and follows a more delicate path to convey its message. Papo & Yo is one of the most impactful indie titles this generation and goes to show just how powerful the medium can be.

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