Killzone 2: "I think I saw something at Live that I wasn't supposed to?"

"The guy said 'Sorry, you're not allowed to play this trailer' and rather quickly came out of it and put on LBP again...

Could we have seen an unreleased trailer of KZ2?"

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Douche3719d ago

Either it was something that worth hiding, or the guy was not old enough to watch the 18+ video. Lol, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't the latter. Tomorrow is another day. Seems fit to save the best for last. Now will it be privately unveiled like it was the night before E3, or will it be out of the Blu? Pun intended, lol. Let's just hope this is more than just a rumor.

Time Lord3718d ago

that TV was probably reserved for only LBP the sony rep didn't want any other trailers shown on that we already know the trailer for killzone 2 at live is the old one.

Nothing new here people...move on.

poos33718d ago

guys i think i saw somthing i saw killzone 2 getting canned in the new future in 1 of my dreams im just telling the truth and my dreams come true sometimes

NO_PUDding3718d ago

Someone who's name closely resembles feces is always a good source to trust.

I always find. We might as well assume KillZone 2 is not gonna happen anymore :P

doodle3718d ago

This is the GAME ZONE

you cant comment like that


please report the comments of POOS3 as OFFENSIVE/SPAM

JsonHenry3718d ago

He didn't say anything even remotely offensive. You need thicker skin is more like it. This happens at a lot of conventions. People get nosey and get told to step away.

barom3718d ago

The story didn't sound real. This sounds like the "Crysis on PS3, here's a pic" rumor.

BrianC62343718d ago

Is becoming the gaming rumor site? That isn't a news story. It's just some post on a forum.

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TheExecutive3718d ago

the only reason I approved this is because its Sunday and I am really really bored at work.

Anyhow, it would be cool if they showed a trailer today but I highly doubt it.

3718d ago
vloeistof3718d ago

sombody needs to go there and see if its there and someone els should stay on look out for sony workers lol.

and take a camra or phone with you.

TheExecutive3718d ago

hmm... distractions and what not... it could work. Hell could you bring your own controller in there and connect it?

BachelorBrit3718d ago

I am looking forward to Killzone 2 but I have a feeling we won't get our hands on it until 2009. If the title releases this year I will be surprised.

xaphanze3718d ago

how do we know this guy is speaking the truth?

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The story is too old to be commented.