Retro City Rampage Creator Planning New Project for PlayStation Vita

Push Square: "Retro City Rampage creator Brian Provinciano has been particularly complimentary of Sony’s strategy with the PlayStation Vita over the past few months. Writing on Twitter earlier in the year, the one-man development shop encouraged indie outfits to work on the platform, after the portable version of his Grand Theft Auto homage sold particularly well."

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sherimae24131855d ago

good luck on your next project for the vita, brian ^_^
i like rcr ^_^

Th4Freak1854d ago

Why do you always put ^_^ at the end of every paragraph? I'm not sure if you're trying real hard to look cute or that's your version of a paragraph break.

Th4Freak1854d ago

I'm just curious, she already has a nice picture where looks cute, I don't see the point to try harder.

TongkatAli1854d ago

The right question is why do you care so much ?

1854d ago
Sketchy_Galore1854d ago

GOTY 2023, I'm calling it now.

Godchild10201854d ago

It's nice to know that there will still be support 11 years after the Vita's release and that these guys will still be around to support it.