Watch Dogs will Disrupt the industry and PS4 gamers will benefit most writes:

"Ubisoft is looking to tread even more ambitious territory with 2013’s Watch Dogs; an open-world, high-tech action-thriller that looks set to really push the boundaries of current-generation machines and give us a taste of what to expect from new formats.

Comparisons have been made to the aforementioned Assassin’s Creed, with many lambasting Ubisoft for essentially making a modern-day equivalent of the stab-happy series. But we’d firmly like to disagree with that; Watch Dogs is perhaps the most intriguing project we’ve clapped eyes on – here’s why.

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ape0071983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

ps4 launch:

Watch dogs + Killzone : shadow fall + GTA 5 (maybe) = OH MY GOD

NastyLeftHook01983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

dont forget e3, imagine if they showed uncharted 4!

@crazy, yeah dc is a no brainer, and so is bf4. duh. :p

Zezo1983d ago

Regardless, Ubisoft won't get a single dime from me in the next gen and that's include crapcom's greedy ass as well...


shivvy241983d ago

My must haves at launch : KillzoneSF, InfamousSS, AC4 and GT5

HammadTheBeast1983d ago

No one's mentioning Drive Club, which I believe will surprise everyone.

Downtown boogey1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

I don't think Second Son will arrive on launch, though, since they haven't shown any gameplay thus far

Godchild10201983d ago

@hammadtheone, There is not much known about the Drive Club and racing games are not as popular as they once were. Unless that game is GT. That buzz around the game will change for the better when more info is out.

@downtown boogey, the clip shown during the February 20th event was game footage shown at a different angle. I believe that was mention via tweet sometime after the event from someone who works for Sucker Punch.

sourav931983d ago

I will die if they show Uncharted 4!

himdeel1983d ago

@sourav93 I'll press "triangle" so you can get back up and actually play it.

babis19741983d ago

they will!uncharted 4 will blow us away!!!

CommonSense1982d ago

Odds are good they'll tease UC4 at E3, but there's not a chance in hell they'll release UC4 and Last of Us in the same year.

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Crazyglues1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

What? No Driveclub, Battlefield 4, Assassin Creed IV, what about Infamous Second Son?.... LoL

Yeah, no matter what you get it's looking like we are going to have some pretty sweet games to play at launch, never-mind whats coming (because next batch of games are looking really awesome too) Destiny I'm looking at you...

Can't wait..

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Baka-akaB1983d ago

Dont forget assassin creed 4 . And if you're into football , most likely a version , albeit not extraordinary of fifa and pes .

_QQ_1983d ago

2 of those are better on my pc,plus how is that a ps4 launch, only one of those is an exclusive, watchdogs/GTA will probably look the same on 720 and ps4 too.

joab7771983d ago

My only apprehension for watch dogs is that it is both current and next gen. Games I am really looking forward to are the witcher 3, thief and cyberpunk 2077. I am really hoping that games will push beyond just a graphical improvement. This is where the pc will benefit too. Dont get me wrong, all these great games on next gen consoles will be great but I can't wait to see something that changes everything. I also wanna see Levine, as soon as he finishes writing awesome dlc that will shut the mouths of naysayers, begin work on the next gen bioshock. I believe that they had a vision for Infinite that wasn't fully realized...and new tech will allow insane possibilities.

Bobby Kotex1983d ago

B... BUT... The Xbox720 will set the standard for video games!

bumnut1983d ago

What a stupid comment, we know nothing about 720 yet which kind of makes your 'joke' invalid.

Walker1983d ago

"The Xbox720 will set the standard for video games!"

DragonKnight1983d ago

@bumnut and Walker: you both lost. there was an article saying the 720 will set the standard for video games and Bobby Kotex was referring to it sarcastically.

IK IR Y IP T1983d ago

watch dogs will be best on the next xbox for sure with smart glass not hating but dislike all u want it's the truth

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Infamous + killzone for me at launch.

Watch dogs on pc for me.

ps3_pwns1983d ago

yep everyone whose anyone will be getting the ps4, the x360 and live is old news. its time to move to tht new gaming social network dont be left behind like myspace fanboys were lol.

slapedurmomsace1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

everyone who's anyone? Comparing the PS4 to the 360? Myspace fanboys?? What the hell are you even talking about?

Anyone who wants a PS4 will eventually get one. If you are gonna campare the PS4 to the 360, you may as well compare the 360 to the PS2. And if anyone actually made fun of or trolled people cause they were on myspace and not facebook or etc should immediately re evaluate their lives or are 12.

edit: I swear, it's comments like that, they do nothing but re enforce the stereo type that gamers are nothing but immature morons who get off on getting on a "social" network. I.E. Live or PSN and proceed to let everyone else know they should kill themselves because they aren't as good at COD as you.

nunley331980d ago

Comparing the 360 & live to myspace was pretty funny and i guess some didn't get the joke. It wasn't too long ago but myspace was king of the hill when the 360 came out and now look at it, it's a ghost town with many tumbleweeds blowing through it. PS4 seems to be a far better social network even but the short friendlist would be it's only thing holding it back. This makes me wonder how much bigger our friendlists will be on PS4 and this bigger list would hopefully appear on PS3 & vITA too.

M-M1983d ago

Am I the only one that wants Knack on launch day? =(.

Studio-YaMi1983d ago

No,no you're not !
I will buy Knack in a heartbeat when it comes out.

Looks awesome and refreshing ! :D

JoySticksFTW1983d ago

Knack and inFamous for me :D

NBT911982d ago

I'm definitely getting it within the first month, just mayyyybeeee not day 1, depends on the final lineup and the cost of everything else I want.

Knack does prove something about the PS4 lineup though, it is really varied. Decent racer, decent FPS, puzzle games, platformers, action / adventure.
All they are really missing is a sports game.

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shadowwizard1983d ago

The interaction with touchpad on Dualshock 4 would be interesting. I just hope some support for it from 3rd party developers.

_QQ_1983d ago

I predict devs will use the touchpad like they used six axis.

Nick_5151983d ago

I think it will definitely get a lot more use than sixaxis. It's unavoidable. It's right in the center of the controller. Sure it won't always be used, but I think it will get the most use out of menus and optional things in game. We'll see, though.

Cyfyxtfg1983d ago

they have to use it, theres no start buttons.

wolokowoh1983d ago

Yes there is. Select and Start combined into one "Options" button but its still there.

theDECAY1983d ago

There's an "option" button that I am assuming will act as start/select combined into one.

Neko_Mega1983d ago

GTA5 I'm not planing on getting anytime soon because of Watch Dogs and thats because Watch Dogs seems pretty awesome an should have alot of gameplay and fun.

LOL_WUT1983d ago

I'd rather get GTA 5 over Watch Dogs because we already know the fun gameplay in the GTA series are a given.

Thatguy-3101983d ago

GTA IV says otherwise. This time I'll wait and see how GTA V turns out.

shinrock1983d ago

How about buy both? Lol ps3 gamers.

HenryFord1982d ago

You know, there are people who can't afford two games at a time. He's not saying that he will never own GTAV, but WD will be first for him.

user76939581983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

I may get WD and GTA, few months after.. once they hit $30 on craiglist..

WD seem to have a more thrilling deep campaign and GTA5 will be simple but a theme that most like.. mafia, gangs and stuff like that, and always sale well hope this times is not boring as GTA4.

Salooh1983d ago

I will get both so you lose :) ..

ape0071982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

watch dogs is unproven, it looks good, yeah it's your opinion but choosing it against a proven legendary series and a surefire legendary game (GTA 5) is ridiculous

Ck1x1982d ago

Isnt any new IP unproven though? The Last of Us is an unproven franchise, but people expect it to be good because of the developer that its coming from... Well that's the same thing for Watch Dogs as well!

nunley331980d ago

Yeah CK1X UBISOFT makes some good games and i'm sure Watch Dogs will be good but Naughty Dog is held in higher esteem than UBISOFT. Everything ND touches turns to gold and you can't honestly say the same thing about UBISOFT.

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emad-E-three1983d ago

The release day of the PS4 will be MADNESS!!! Hopefully no blood :P


Chitown712911983d ago

MADNESS!?!? *Looks back at PS3* *looks forward* THIS IS NEXT GEN!!!!!*Kicks TV off of stand* ( ._.)

DeadlyFire1983d ago

There is a reason they made armor my friend.

Jaqen_Hghar1983d ago

If Xbox and PS4 release the same day and the different fanboys have to wait in line at the same store a man thinks we could have the video game equivalent of WW3 lol

SirBradders1983d ago

@Jaqun i can imagine it now everyone pulling out there portables for a pvp on something.

soniqstylz1983d ago

It will not be MADNESS.

It will be SPARTA!

*takes your PS4* *kicks you down a hole* *runs*

Crazyglues1983d ago

@ emad-E-three

I was going to say it but

@ soniqstylz

took the words right out of my mouth... LoL

MADNESS!! you say, No! this is SPARTA! ....LMAO

||.........___||............ ||

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iGamerZero241983d ago

That's considered a races statment in the gaming world ! LOL JK