Game Informer: 15 Things I Learned About StarCraft II - Hands On

Game Informer writes: "PC gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment invited Game Informer's Adam Biessener to attend the unveiling of the Zerg race for StarCraft II and to get a look at the company's shiny new headquarters in Irvine, California. Read on for 15 things that Adam learned during the trip, and don't miss the full preview of StarCraft II in an upcoming issue of Game Informer!

1) Zealots shouting, "My life for Aiur!" as they enter the fray still send shivers down my spine. That may say more about me than the game, though. The sound in the build I played was far from final, but what was there definitely maintained the StarCraft vibe. The original 1997 low-sample-rate MIDI is better remembered than re-experienced, that's for sure."

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