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Big Games at E3 2013: Official, Rumored and Predicted

The Big Games of E3 2013 list contains games likely to appear at E3 in some form (not necessarily in "playable" form). (3DS, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Tag Invalid, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update Update 1: More games added.

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iGAM3R-VIII  +   705d ago
This could be the BIGGEST E3 of all time. With the PS4/Xbox 720 reveal, amazing games (GTA, Watch_Dogs, Killzone, BF4, etc.) and all of these things, I think this will be the best year for any gamer.

Q: What do we want?
A: E3!!!
Q: When do we want it?
A: Now!!!
Q:Why do we want it?
A: To see the PS4 and 720 reveal and test some games/consoles out!!!

Mark my words,...N4G will explode in the E3 time period.
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trenso1  +   705d ago
when i was looking at the list i saw so many games coming out, but when you look at the color scheme not one of them is a xbox exclusive, i hope they have an explosion of games to show cause their E3 will look weak if not.
bangshi  +   705d ago
My thoughts entirely, nice of them to at least give Xbox a colour despite no entries :D
omi25p  +   705d ago
Well the 720 is just rumour at the moment. Literally nothing has been confirmed so there aren't any games to write on this list.

Hopefully we will see a load of core games announced at E3.
bangshi  +   705d ago
Yeah but this also includes 360 and PS3.

Hence you see Beyond.

Hopefully it isn't a sign that MS is going to drop all knowledge of the 360 like they did with the original Xbox.
trenso1  +   705d ago
@omi25p as said it also includes ps3 and 360 games, which there are no 360 exclusives and im sure the 720 will be announced but they arent going to just drop the 360 or atleast i hope they do that to their install base. So it begs the question of what they are doing if they have no exclusive games for their current console
AngelicIceDiamond  +   704d ago
Well yeah? MS's Games nor the new Xbox has been announced yet?

Of course there's no games for it.
DOMination-  +   704d ago
I also think, if you look at each of MS studios, most seem to be working on new IP. We know Halo5 and Forza5 are being developed but those studios are also working on a second game. The others we just dont know and well.. You cant predjct a new IP can you? Other than writing "new IP from MS Victoria" which is kinda pointless.

Post e3, MS will have a strong presence on such a list. They have 22 studios and all but three have announced unrevealed projects. Not to mention, Rare, Black Tusk, Lionhead, 343i, Turn 10 all have multiple internal teams.
kirbyu  +   705d ago
Actually, we don't want it now because the games and stuff they're gonna show probably aren't ready.
iamlegend9999  +   704d ago
Yeah this year i'm taking off of work for those 4 days. Would have been 3 but ubisoft talking about doing conference a day earlier.
Walker  +   705d ago
This year's E3 is gonna be biggest and most interesting E3 ever . Can't wait for Uncharted 4 on PS4 and next-gen sony santa monica studios IP !
user7693958  +   705d ago
yeap and I hope I can get in! like I did 3 years ago..
extermin8or  +   705d ago
actually I hope uncharted 4 isn't announced till the end of the year, my wallet is like weeping already-starting uni, ps4, watch dogs, AC4,killzone shadow fall, batman arkham origins (on my pc as apparently its not going next gen) infamous second son may be a launch title (im hoping next summer... but) destiny-next year though I think, killzone vita, soul sacrafice I mean WTF HOW!!! DO I AFFORD THIS! short of winning the lottery :s and uncharted 4 as part of one of my favorite game series I would have to get which would mean missing out on something else till a much later stage :/ therefore I hope it's a game for next year- infact i hope sony don't have many more launch window games lol oh and battlefield 4 and dragon age 3 are due out eithr end of this year or early next -_-
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   705d ago
Meh. If Beyond and Last of Us don't blow me away, then I have very little interest going into the next gen. I'm tired of the samey gameplay of modern games and I've pinned my hopes on those two games, Beyond being my most anticipated, to save my waning love for gaming.
Oh that plus Lords of Shadow 2!! First one was amazemaballs!!
DOMination-  +   704d ago
I have faith in both of those Jamal. In all honesty, they interest me more than BF4 and KZSF which just look like the same game with better graphics.

This e3 might be too early but I really want devs to make new gameplay experiences or redefine genres, particularly shooters. I dont have the answers but they need to evolve big time if they want me to hold an interest.
Knight_Crawler  +   704d ago
Freedom and smart AI will be the deal breaker for next-gen.

I want a game with an open world 3 times as large as Skyrim and AI that have a unique personalty and not just copy and paste generic NPC that all say the same thing (Arrow to knee) - the AI also has to be smart and think on its own instead of being scripted shoot, cover, flank, shoot, cover, flank will not cut it.
rustyspoon80  +   704d ago
Exactly. Next gen doesn't have to be all about greater graphics. It also needs to be about better AI.
As great as Skyrim is, the AI is poor, with the enemies just rushing you. They should be able to work in teams and change there strategy depending on how you attach.
I always thought the AI in Killzone was excellent. Lets see that pushed further and applied to other games.
NastyLeftHook0  +   705d ago
I want a release date for everything :p
thaimasker  +   705d ago
Most excited for Nintendo's stuff
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   705d ago
What Nintendo stuff? :l
deafdani  +   705d ago
The Nintendo stuff on the article, silly. There's quite a bit of that.
hobohunterz  +   704d ago
Just the usual Mario and zelda
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FarCryLover182  +   705d ago
I want to see the new Rainbow Six, Half-Life, Beyond Good and Evil, Prince of Persia, and new IP!
banjadude  +   705d ago
In terms of indie games, I'd like to see a continuation of Costume Quest (the last DLC was a damn cliff-hanger) and Deathspank.

For Sony/PS4, I'm still hoping for a Legend of Dragoon, Siphon Filter and Crash Bandicoot revival.
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xabmol  +   705d ago
Maybe not another Dethspank. I think the devs should focus on a new incompetent hero!
smashman98  +   705d ago
Anything crash bandicoot probably won't be exclusive activision loves its money too much
WillM17  +   705d ago
Almost Confirmed: Destiny (Bungie) and I'm sure Capcom is gonna show Deep Down running on Panta Rhei
zoks310  +   705d ago
When is the Sony conference? Surprised dates and time have not been announced yet, planning on taking the day off from work and we are currently making the june schedule.
Thanks in advanced.
banjadude  +   705d ago
I foresee a lot of "sick days" coming soon, lol. I'll be guilty of that, for sure.
chadboban  +   705d ago
Most excited for Sony and Nintendo stuff. 3DS already has an amazing year ahead of it. I'm hoping Nintendo can show us a lot of great new Wii U games (Can't wait to see what Retro is working on, not to mention Bayonetta 2) and I'm also hoping Sony showcases some new Vita games. And of course the PS4 is gonna be amazing. Also interested in seeing what Microsoft brings to the table with it's new console. Overall, this is the most excited I've been for an upcoming E3 in a while.
kirbyu  +   705d ago
Still no good 3rd party games for me.
Root  +   705d ago
No green....huh, must be going colour blind
kalkano  +   705d ago
I'm really hoping for a lot of new announcements, and old RPG revivals. But, I hope for that every year, and E3 always dissapoints. It'd be nice if this year finally has some reveals worth my attention, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I'm not even that excited about the PS4 Final Fantasy, because I've lost faith in SquareEnix.
BitbyDeath  +   705d ago
Hopefully with new hardware SE can finally make a decent FF game that exceeds the size of a corridor
animegamingnerd  +   704d ago
with the hardware the PS4 square can make a game that looks like a pixar movie and have it be much wider hallway i bet they will so do that
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STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   705d ago
I don't think so about games.

I want see PS4 :D
Stefanrules7  +   705d ago
Erm why does it say cod is not confirmed?

I think everybodys grandma knows it will be there
KongRudi  +   705d ago
Kind of lacklustre list, lot's of titles forgotten.

Killzone: Mercenary will be there aswell for the Vita, other new PS3-IP's like Rain and Puppeteer too, if those aren't released by then.

Konami is there, so we will definately see MGS.
HK5A  +   705d ago
I hope Microsoft will announce Timeshift 2 at E3, Please make it happen
MultiConsoleGamer  +   705d ago
E3 Expo 2013 will be the biggest show in E3 history.

PS4, Next Box, Steam Box, Wii U, 3DS, Vita, Android Explosion, Mobile Gaming and a PC Gaming Rennaisance. There is no way you body will be ready. No matter how much you prepare.
silkylove  +   705d ago
Good list. Lot of games on all systems that I'm excited for. Why isn't Wii U listed under Splinter Cell: Blacklist? Ubisoft confirmed that it's in development. I'd say it's got as good odds of being at E3 as the other versions.
kakashishinoda  +   704d ago
Same with ac 4 black flag platforms: TBA
abc1233  +   705d ago
I think there are so many rumoured vita games that they had to make a separate table.
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AKR  +   705d ago
This years E3 persents a very special objective for each of the big three:

Microsoft ~ The X720 will most likely make it's debut here. If so, this will be M's time to try their best to prove the naysayers of the 720 wrong, as rumors have put the yet-to-be-revealed system in a negative light amongst many gamers, including a few XBOX fanboys.

Sony ~ Their biggest follow-up to the PS Live Event in February. Here's where Sony will hopefully unveil the console itself, as well as make some special annoucements about upcoming games. Hopefully a price reveal may be in order to.

Nintendo ~ Last but certainly not least, the Big N. They're still playing their classic "sneaky ninja" approach, with the Wii U ~ keeping all of the juicy annoucements for a grand time, such as E3. They've been announcing big things for the 3DS all year,most likely to clear the E3 Stage for Wii U. Here's the time for N to really show what their new console is all about, and rock the gaming world once more.

Yes, this year's E3 will be monumentally large. The first E3 where ALL of the big 3's new, next-gen systems will be present at the same time from since E3 2006.

. . . My body is ready
Apocalypso  +   705d ago
Just goes to show Microsoft hasn't changed at all when it comes to a generation transition. Not one 360 exclusive (that I know of) is in the works, and they're going to leave the 360 dead in the water just like the original Xbox.

That's why I respect Sony so much more, they're still releasing high budget games for their current userbase while Microsoft is basically saying "HA, you want new games? Well then it looks like you have to buy our new console!" That's excluding third party of course.

Still very curious to what they'll show to try and persuade people to make that generation jump, will be a very interesting E3.
Relientk77  +   705d ago
The new Thief isnt on that list

NeXXXuS  +   704d ago
Final Fantasy Versus XIII please.
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SOM3ROiD  +   704d ago
FIFA 14 is missing from the list and they'll show it 100%.
superterabyte  +   704d ago
5 Mario games 2 Zelda games and a pokemon game.

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