Big Games at E3 2013: Official, Rumored and Predicted

The Big Games of E3 2013 list contains games likely to appear at E3 in some form (not necessarily in "playable" form).


Update 1: More games added.

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iGAM3R-VIII2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

This could be the BIGGEST E3 of all time. With the PS4/Xbox 720 reveal, amazing games (GTA, Watch_Dogs, Killzone, BF4, etc.) and all of these things, I think this will be the best year for any gamer.

Q: What do we want?
A: E3!!!
Q: When do we want it?
A: Now!!!
Q:Why do we want it?
A: To see the PS4 and 720 reveal and test some games/consoles out!!!

Mark my words,...N4G will explode in the E3 time period.

trenso12063d ago

when i was looking at the list i saw so many games coming out, but when you look at the color scheme not one of them is a xbox exclusive, i hope they have an explosion of games to show cause their E3 will look weak if not.

bangshi2063d ago

My thoughts entirely, nice of them to at least give Xbox a colour despite no entries :D

omi25p2063d ago

Well the 720 is just rumour at the moment. Literally nothing has been confirmed so there aren't any games to write on this list.

Hopefully we will see a load of core games announced at E3.

bangshi2063d ago

Yeah but this also includes 360 and PS3.

Hence you see Beyond.

Hopefully it isn't a sign that MS is going to drop all knowledge of the 360 like they did with the original Xbox.

trenso12063d ago

@omi25p as said it also includes ps3 and 360 games, which there are no 360 exclusives and im sure the 720 will be announced but they arent going to just drop the 360 or atleast i hope they do that to their install base. So it begs the question of what they are doing if they have no exclusive games for their current console

AngelicIceDiamond2063d ago

Well yeah? MS's Games nor the new Xbox has been announced yet?

Of course there's no games for it.

DOMination-2063d ago

I also think, if you look at each of MS studios, most seem to be working on new IP. We know Halo5 and Forza5 are being developed but those studios are also working on a second game. The others we just dont know and well.. You cant predjct a new IP can you? Other than writing "new IP from MS Victoria" which is kinda pointless.

Post e3, MS will have a strong presence on such a list. They have 22 studios and all but three have announced unrevealed projects. Not to mention, Rare, Black Tusk, Lionhead, 343i, Turn 10 all have multiple internal teams.

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kirbyu2063d ago

Actually, we don't want it now because the games and stuff they're gonna show probably aren't ready.

iamlegend99992062d ago

Yeah this year i'm taking off of work for those 4 days. Would have been 3 but ubisoft talking about doing conference a day earlier.

Walker2063d ago

This year's E3 is gonna be biggest and most interesting E3 ever . Can't wait for Uncharted 4 on PS4 and next-gen sony santa monica studios IP !

user76939582063d ago

yeap and I hope I can get in! like I did 3 years ago..

extermin8or2063d ago

actually I hope uncharted 4 isn't announced till the end of the year, my wallet is like weeping already-starting uni, ps4, watch dogs, AC4,killzone shadow fall, batman arkham origins (on my pc as apparently its not going next gen) infamous second son may be a launch title (im hoping next summer... but) destiny-next year though I think, killzone vita, soul sacrafice I mean WTF HOW!!! DO I AFFORD THIS! short of winning the lottery :s and uncharted 4 as part of one of my favorite game series I would have to get which would mean missing out on something else till a much later stage :/ therefore I hope it's a game for next year- infact i hope sony don't have many more launch window games lol oh and battlefield 4 and dragon age 3 are due out eithr end of this year or early next -_-

Good_Guy_Jamal2063d ago

Meh. If Beyond and Last of Us don't blow me away, then I have very little interest going into the next gen. I'm tired of the samey gameplay of modern games and I've pinned my hopes on those two games, Beyond being my most anticipated, to save my waning love for gaming.
Oh that plus Lords of Shadow 2!! First one was amazemaballs!!

DOMination-2062d ago

I have faith in both of those Jamal. In all honesty, they interest me more than BF4 and KZSF which just look like the same game with better graphics.

This e3 might be too early but I really want devs to make new gameplay experiences or redefine genres, particularly shooters. I dont have the answers but they need to evolve big time if they want me to hold an interest.

Knight_Crawler2062d ago

Freedom and smart AI will be the deal breaker for next-gen.

I want a game with an open world 3 times as large as Skyrim and AI that have a unique personalty and not just copy and paste generic NPC that all say the same thing (Arrow to knee) - the AI also has to be smart and think on its own instead of being scripted shoot, cover, flank, shoot, cover, flank will not cut it.

rustyspoon802062d ago

Exactly. Next gen doesn't have to be all about greater graphics. It also needs to be about better AI.
As great as Skyrim is, the AI is poor, with the enemies just rushing you. They should be able to work in teams and change there strategy depending on how you attach.
I always thought the AI in Killzone was excellent. Lets see that pushed further and applied to other games.

NastyLeftHook02063d ago

I want a release date for everything :p

thaimasker2063d ago

Most excited for Nintendo's stuff

deafdani2063d ago

The Nintendo stuff on the article, silly. There's quite a bit of that.

hobohunterz2062d ago

Just the usual Mario and zelda

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