GRID Review (RaceDepartment)

Released in 2008, Grid immediately became one of the must-have racing games on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. And for whatever reason, I just never cared for it. Played the demo, thought it was neat, but when the game finally hit store shelves, I had no desire to buy it. The years went on, the game won numerous awards, personal friends of mine couldn’t say enough great things about it, and yet, I still had no reason to try it out. I can’t say I’m a total “sim-snob”, but I know the kind of reputation Codemasters has for mixing arcade elements into even their more realistic efforts such as the F1 series, and I continued to avoid Grid over the years as if it were some sort of cancer. I still enjoyed the DiRT and F1 series they’ve put out over the years, but nothing ever made me want to try Grid.

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