Xbox 360 fans commend MS customer service, but are fine with console unreliability

Michael Leaño of FPS Rantings (part of the Video Games Channel Network) is amused that faithful Xbox 360 are "okay" in seeing 360 problems as a regular occurrence. He writes:

"I love the games in the Xbox 360. What's not to love? You've got the best shooters like Bioshock, Gears of War, Halo 3... The Orange Box, GRAW2, and I'm not even talking about the other genres yet.

What I don't like about the 360 is its unreliability. If there was a Guinness World Record for worst failure rate, I won't be surprised to see the 360's image placed beside it.

What's even more surprising is that Xbox 360 gamers are commending Microsoft for having 'great customer service.' Don't believe me? Read the case of the wiped 360 at Gamerscore blog. All you have to do is look at the comments made by its faithful readers."

Leaño decided he had to put in his two cents' worth: that customer service is not an acceptable substitute for product reliability.

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Obama3631d ago

The faithful? They are called xbots. A nicer way of calling them would be x-people or xbox fanboys. I guess the author didn't want to offend anyone.

iAmPS33631d ago

The Xbots, Xtards, SWINES, PIGS, Achievement Whores or Abused Housewives are always in need for more filth and low profile games and hardware.

It is sort of a self punishment for their bad choices and lack of ability to discern between good and bad.

I pity them....... sometimes.

May Sony Gods Bless Us All!!!

Intrepid3631d ago

I mean this in the nicest way possible;
What the heck is wrong with you people?

CallOfWar223630d ago

Why dont u just stfu and play nothing on ur ps3s. I am tired of ur crap. It really shows that u guys have nothing to play on PS3 so u bitter morons sit here all day criticizing games and systems u wish u could be playing. Man i wish PS3 had Gears, Bioshock, Halo 3,...etc. Thats what u guys wish even though u'll never admit it. We all know 360 has is the most pathetic system ever!!! Agreed. It also has the best games out at the moment on any councel around. I dont mean promises, it really has the best games out RITE NOW not a few months or years from now. That is why us 360 gamers keep coming back. I am so tired for u so called Game experts stating the obvious. This topic has been done to death, I can do this with my eyes closed and within 20 minutes reading 5 comments. Ur writers are pathetic. IF PS3 had the hardware problems like 360 they would have to scrap the ps3 not because they care about their customers because nobody would buy a PS3 cuz it has NO GAMES!

DragonKnight3630d ago

While you're having fun playing your generic shooters, 123947129472394274019274392 racing/sports games, and pseudo-RPG's RIGHT NOW, we'll be laughing our asses off when he have 3+ years of games consistently being put out and the 360 has nothing after having released all its heavy hitters too soon.

Sony owns 2008 for software.

Sony has already planned for 2009, and has even begun to show us games for that year.

What has Microsoft done? Gears of War 2. Wow.

Yes, I know about the other games, but honestly, what's more anticipated or even equally as anticipated as Gears of War 2 on the 360?

Pain3630d ago

For the life of my friend i Cant Fathom why Americans put up with junk.

And NO Bot im no 3rd world dirt farmer.

GETPWNT3630d ago

DN, I'm trying really hard to not give you negative bubbles for that one.

You realize your comment makes absolutely no sense, right? Generic shooters? I already destroyed you in that matter on your GT blog, so why bring it up here again? Did you forget that PS3's entire lineup this year is exactly that? Wake-up.

360 games > ps3 games


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SuperSaiyan43631d ago

Now I am just lost for words on how amazingly stupid this is, no way in hell is their customer service applaudable and I know lots of people that are not happy about the problems who on earth would be happy actually about having problems??

All in all if you dont have problems fine, and if you manage to get someone on the other end that is very helpful and efficient then fine.

ktchong3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

If you want to buy an Xbox 360 (to play the games, and it's always about the games,) then buy it from a place where you can also buy a "store service plan". i.e., Best Buy and Circuit City.

The service plan is an "insurance" that lets you take back the product -- in this case, an Xbox 360 -- to the store you bought it from if it's not working in anyway. That way, you wouldn't have to deal with Microsoft's customer disservice and long repair time, which I've read in the official Xbox forums are quite horrid.

Of course, the plan is not free. You have to pay EXTRA to the store for the service plan. That would actually make an Xbox 360 more expensive than the PS3. However, paying extra for insurance is really a necessary expense for buying Xbox 360. In fact, buy the longest plan possible. There are 3-year and 5-year (more expensive) plan. For Xbox 360, you NEED to buy the 5-year insurance plan.

As you can imagine, that kind of service plan is quite popular with the Xbox 360.

Got mine from Best Buy. If my Xbox 360 died on me in five years (and it had,) then I could just take it back to ANY Best Buy and exchange it for a new one. No question ask. If a Best Buy store gives me any hassle, I'll just take it to another Best Buy store and make the exchange there -- the service plan is valid in ANY Best Buy store.

Of course, the service plan is widely available in the US. I have no idea if it's available in Europe. I think probably not -- maybe that's why Europeans are reluctant to buy an Xbox 360 because they know Xbox 360 is prone to breaking, and they don't have the option to buy an insurance plan for it.

TheExecutive3631d ago

yeah you dont buy a 360 without a full service plan. hell, i bought one on my ps3...

GutZ313631d ago

from what "The Round Peg" said, all I got from that was
"If you want to buy a 360, buy a PS3 instead"

Not that he actually said that, but then again, companies don't say it, but if for any reason the manufacturer has a more advanced warranty then there own, then they will drop the warranty that you payed for and send it off to microsoft or what ever maker the application came from.
Paying extra for a warranty should be common place to most anyway, but I also believe that people planing on looking for an xbox 360 should push for a console overhaul in terms of allowing proper ventilation as well as lower the db's of the console from its roaring status.

Not telling you not to buy it, but I am telling you that buying now is about as smart as Russian roulette(or buying a PS3 at launch).

PS3 isn't ready for extremely hardcore gamers yet, as the games it does have can be completed way to fast, and online play for the games that do count get boring fast, as there isn't enough verity, soon to change as stated by the media, developers, and sony, but we will just have to see about that.

I still would suggest a PS3 for people with highspeed internet, if for the simple fact that it makes your living room an entertainment center, with out connecting to a computer.

Again, for the games, 360 has a huge library of them, even if a large portion are filler volume not even worth an idiots time, the fact is that it still has more to choose from.
Choice was a huge deciding factor in the xbox vs PS2 debate, I chose PS2.
I chose PS3 this time around, and everything that I bought it for pretty much got delayed, again, and again.
I still play alot of Call of Duty 4, but there are no games currently that peak my interest, you can guess some of the things that I found most disappointing, like MGS4 taking so long, and HOME not being out in august like it was dated to be.

That doesnt mean I fill I made the wrong choice, as I bought a 360 about 3 weeks after my PS3, and found forza motor sport extremely fun,
But that didn't last.
After only 4 weeks of off and on play, my 360 died(red ringed).
It wasn't totally common to hear about this when I bought mine, so I looked it up on the net, and I got to the xbox forums to see if this had happened to anyone else, what I saw shocked the crap out of me, a pole, showing over 6000 people saying there system has RRoDed on them.
number might seem small compared to the install base, but there were only 10,300 or so registered users that could vote.
that was over half the forum population.
I brought my system directly back to gamestop and had my money changed into credit(room mate works there, doesn't work after 7 days if you don't have your sources).

I say this because I don't others encountering the same, or worse when buying into the 360 family, as well as any console, I've heard story's about every console, but only had my worst time on the 360(the Wii didn't work with my TV well, it made me aim at the floor to aim at the center of the screen).

Anyway, hope you didn't pass out while reading all that, but I also hope you make an informed decision on your next investment.

The internet can lie to you, but it can also be your biggest allie in making informed decisions.

Ghoul3631d ago

@ gutz
100% agree on both parts 360 and ps3

well said and brought to the point :)

ktchong3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

WRONG. I said it's the GAMES that sell the console. That are games -- exclusive games -- that I want to play, and ONLY the Xbox 360 has it. So I ave to buy the console to play the game.

Take Western RPGs as an example. I'm a big fan of the genre. There are fewer than half a dozen developers that make good Western RPGs. Bethesda, BioWare, Lionhead and Obsidian come to mind right away. And over half of them are exclusive Microsoft developers.

The PS3 has ZERO Western RPG exclusives -- not currently and not in the pipeline. Sony has NO exclusive developers in the Western RPG genre.

So. If I want to play Mass Effect, Fable, Too Human, Sacred, or just any exclusive Western RPG, than I get an Xbox 360.

Sure, you can argue that those games -- NOT all -- will also be available on the PC. The problems are: (a) You have to spend much more money on getting a PC that's even capable of running those games; (b) You have to WAIT, often quite long, for the PC version to come out; and (c) Some won't even come out on the PC. Too Human won't be on the PC because Silicon Knights don't make PC games.

In short, for hardcore gamers, it's the GAMES that drive the sales of console. More importantly, it's the SPECIFIC genres that appeal to particular segments of gamers.

The PS3 is missing out an entire segment of consumers simply because it has nothing to offer in the genre they play.

GutZ313631d ago

(what The Round Peg said was "If you want to buy a 360, buy a PS3 instead")
right... You twisted my first sentence into an attack on you, then you had the nerve not to read all the way through my post, good going.

Ghoul3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

only thing is the "hardcore" gamer dosn't count here they make a small percentage of the worldwide sales.

its about the average joe wanting a gaming system. And as much as i loved the games i played on the 360 i would NEVER suggest someone to buy a 360 as its just unreliable and such behaviour should not be supported (they still havent fix the RROD problem)


whats with

dragon age
mass effect2
TES : Oblivion
Fallout 3

It`s just not true that only the 360 offers western rpgs

sonarus3631d ago

I feel bad for the xbox loyalists. while my 360 hasnt failed, if it ever did, i would fix it sell it and never look back. the thought of knowing once it breaks down once,it likely will again.I wonder how many people have bought new consoles after their old ones quit. Msoft messed up big time on the failure rates but realistically i think they handled it the best they could have. Its just sad to see so many loyalist overlooking the issue. if Nathaniel 360 didn't break in the first place none of this would have happened.

GutZ313631d ago

Quote of the day right there.

Nice sonarus.

Bubbles your way.

Glad to be a gamer3631d ago

Firstly i think we all know that there are hardware problems with the 360 but with a 3 year warranty on rrod your covered. Ms even pay for the postage and packaging.

This gen ive had no problems with my 360 so far but my wii is having to be shipped off due to some green/red inteference when playing games(changed the lead to component and still the same problem.)

I have had my headset break due to a bit of manhandling on my part and i phoned up Ms and they sent me a free replacment within 5 days. Ms have made mistakes but at least they have addressed the problems.

I like most here had a ps2 and i got the disc read error after a year of having it. I then had to go out and buy another console. My new ps2 after 1 1/2 years was also on its last legs not reading dual layer discs anymore.

My point is Launch consoles normally have problems but what more could Ms really of done?

Glad to be a gamer3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

So if your 360 broke you'd fix it and sell it?

I guess you don't want to play Lost odyssey, ninja gaiden 2, splinter cell conviction, gears 2, infinte undiscovery, mass effect 2, banjo and kazooie and fable 2.

I know that last year i would of rather had a console might be out of action for 2 weeks that i used frequently then a console that worked the whole year but was mostly unused for a big part of the year.

I mean last year what did Sony give you untill NOV that made you feel glad you purchased a ps3 Last year?

sonarus3631d ago

Well i don't know how bad ps2 rates were and like i said microsoft has done their best. But the point is there is no need to sweep the issue under the rug

meepmoopmeep3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

i agree with Peg that it's always wise to buy ANY expensive electronics with a store extended warranty because there's ALWAYS a chance for one gone bad... BUT... that does not really fix the issue at hand. Not everyone can afford to buy these extended warranties for everything they buy and a company should not be selling a product that has an above average or standard failure rate.

Buying an extended warranty is a smart choice but IT SHOULDN'T BECOME MANDATORY when buying something because of fear.

sonarus3630d ago

You guys are honestly laughable. The point is why do you have to go thru all these techniques to buy the X360. Why can't i just buy it and use it. Must i be in constant fear of this.

@Glad to be a gamer lol i see you are done accusing me of being a rabid fanboy.
Yes i repeat if my 360 quenched now i would fix it and sell it. Maybe not last yr because then i was playing madden 08 and a bunch of other titles on it. Not to mention the awesome demos. But this yr ps3 is catering more to my gamer needs. So no i don't want to play Lost odyssey, splinter cell conviction(especially not splinter cell after that assasins creed fiasco) , gears 2(my roomate still has 360 worse case scenario i'll check it on his system), infinte undiscovery, mass effect 2(prob coming to ps3), banjo and kazooie(its actually banjo kazooie which you would know if you actually played the game before but no guarantee we will see it in 08) and fable 2(not really interested). The only game on that list i want to play is ninja gaiden 2 because that is the only one i have SEEN and looks good. The rest until i see before i decide. If i sold my 360 it wouldnt affect me too much my neighbor and my roomate still have 360's could always trade my ps3 with them for a while if i wanted to catch some gears goodness

Glad to be a gamer3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Firstly ive realised on this site theres no point in trying to argue with a Sony fan regardless of how rabid they are because you will always lose and if people want to abuse this site then i guess thats there problem. im past it. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though from what ive seen feel iv'e come to the correct conclusion

Secondly I owned an n64 before i owned a ps1. Banjo and kazooie 1 is one of the best adventure games ive played.

You know what at the end of the day i like round peg love western rpgs and 360 is the console to have for this genre. All of the games ive mentioned are ones im looking forward too.

I guess the fact that i can say im looking forward to games on all the consoles where as you seem to only care about ps3 exc except ninja gaiden 2 goes along way to show who is going with the games and whose going with a console.

What games are you going to buy for your ps3 this year that cater more to your gaming needs?

I can name one for me and thats prologue but forza 2 and pgr4 have been catering for this genre so far.What else is there to distinguish between the two consoles because i can't see it. In fact with rpgs especially western the 360 is the better option. FF13,mgs4 hopefully will look/play amazingly but that does not stop me from enjoying all that gaming has to offer.

P.s Check out fable 2 as this is for me one of the games with the most inovation/promise for this year.

Booyah3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

It's not the "library of games" that sell the consoles... what does the PS3 has like games that made him outsell in Europe & Japan ? North America by a small margin ?(10k units or so)

godofthunder103630d ago

i have a 360 and i had it since launch and never had 1 problem yet.but i have to agree that the 360 have the highest defect rate that any console ever had at %33.
the problem i had after reading the whole article is where a person said that sony never had a problem with their systems because he had a ps2 for 7 years and it's still good.the fact is that sony had a high defect rate on the ps2 close to %30,it wasn't as high as the 360 but it was high.the ps2 had a defected drive in them,some times you could put a new game in a new ps2 and can't read disc will appear on the screen.hell i went through 5 ps2 in less then 2 years but just like the 360,not every one had a problem with didn't do any thing about it and tryed to say that nothing was wrong with the ps2 but when a class action law suit was filed against sony they finally admitted that the ps2 did have a problem and they have been working on it to fix it.unlike micr sony didn't give their customers a longer warrinty but they did fixed the problem in about 2 years but people that had a ps2 and it broke on them after a few months was just stuck with them.
what i'm trying to say is the 360 do have a high defect rate,like i said i never had a problem with my 360 and i bought it at launch but my brothers'went out on him but he did have good service with micro because it got it back quick and so far he never had a problem.if a person post an article that say the 360 has a high defect rate like this guy that said sony never had a problem with their systems because he had a ps2 for 7 years and it still works did then it's true but when he goes on to say that sony never had a problem with the ps2 is just a fanboy and not posting facts but posting what he wants.
anyone can check but sony had a class action law suit over the ps2 because they had a defected drive in them and sony wouldn't fix them and even tryed to deny it and say it wasn't true but then they changed their minds and said that they were fixing the problems with the ps2 and that's a if anyone talk about the 360 high defect rate it's the truth but don't go on and say that sony never had a problem with their systems because they had a big problem with the ps2.
i hate sony but i'm not going to lie about them and the ps3 like all the fanboys do because it's childish.if they have a ps3,it's the best and sony knows how to make hardware and microsoft don't and they should stop makeing xboxes because of the high defect rate and according to them every game that's on the 360 sux and the same goes for the people that have a 360 but it's just the opposite.
if sony would've done what ps3 fanboys are saying that micro should do,according to them micro should stop making the xboxes because it have a high defect rate then they never would've been a ps3 because sony would've stoped at 2 because of it's high defect rate but according to them it's all right for sony but not micro.
the ps3 and 360 are both damn good consoles and i'll admit that the ps3 is the most dependable console ever made and they both have good games.they have fanboys from both sides saying that they hate all the games on the system that they don't have.i have a 360 and i wish that the ps3 games like kill zone 2 and a few others was on the 360 and they have ps3 fans that wish that some games on the 360 was on the ps3 like mass effect and a few others but not one fanboy will admit it,they will say that they sux because it's not on the system that they have and it's childish.

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Kaz Hirai3631d ago

It truly is unbelievable how you SWINE continue to support these SATAN-WORSHIPPING SCUM!
And you keep going back to the 360, no matter how much it breaks! Just like ABUSED housewives!


Reggie Fils- Aime3631d ago

Phony are SCUM as well

Nintendo is King

tehReaper3631d ago

"It truly is unbelievable how you SWINE continue to support these SATAN-WORSHIPPING SCUM!"

Really? The guy above you seems to worship Sony, like it's a cult. It's funny that ONLY Sony fanboys like your posts. We GAMERS, dislike them, because it's hate speech. Same goes to you 360 fanboys. Why can't we just get along? We love games, shouldn't that be enough?

Slayer OP3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

EDIT sorry I meant to put that in the open zone.

ooop3631d ago

You bots! You cant face reality!!!

tehReaper3631d ago

Does it really make you feel better to call each other names? The whole thing is ridiculous. You don't deserve to own a PS3, much less any gaming system.