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Submitted by Pozzle 1024d ago | opinion piece

BioShock Infinite: What if Elizabeth had been a young boy?

A closer look at Elizabeth and the role she fulfills in BioShock Infinite. (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

aman84r  +   1024d ago
He would have totally annoying.
SilentNegotiator  +   1024d ago
And I would agree with making the character change from that corset.
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adorie   1024d ago | Offensive
Flavor  +   1024d ago
Game was made for unfulfilled males. Dependent doe eyed female mandatory, see reference 39583169 sec. 3, 'otaku'.
Conzul  +   1024d ago
Unfulfilled males?!?!!
She ends up being your daughter you idiot! Bioshock games are the farthest thing from Id-pandering than anything else in the business. Go troll elsewhere.
aman84r  +   1023d ago
Let me put it this if elizabeth would have been a male.
Then everybody's reaction would have been "Oh shut up you whiny little c#nt".
arronax-1  +   1023d ago
So their is a sexism thing going on after all.
aman84r  +   1023d ago
At least she wasn't wearing a metal thong or armor plate with giant spheres.
ThichQuangDuck  +   1024d ago
Bioshock Rapture would have happened would you kindly pay attention to the constants and variables. Will you ever row the boat?
GreenRanger  +   1024d ago
Then Pedobear would have played the game more.
calibann  +   1024d ago
I thought Pedobear was always displayed as a heterosexual paedophile.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1023d ago
Pedobear cares not for sexual orientation
Zezo  +   1024d ago
Pedobear approved!
DragonKnight  +   1024d ago
Then Anita Sarkeesian and Madam Sessler would have reasons to b*tch.
Rockefellow  +   1024d ago
Madam Sessler? I've never heard that one before. If you came up with it, my hat is tipped to you, sir.
DragonKnight  +   1024d ago
I didn't. I wish I could remember the exact user I saw who did come up with it, but it was right around the time when he whined about the God of War Ascension trophy and everyone was after him about it. I thought it was hilarious and very simple so I just decided to use it from that point on.
pop-voxuli  +   1024d ago
Nice!!! Don't mind if I use that one, you know I use to like sessler, then (s)he turned into a total puss, then he got the "the bros before hoes trophy is bad" bandwagon rolling and at that point he lost me.
greatcrusader44  +   1024d ago
Lol I remember when I heard about the controversy and thought people were prob going overboard, I didn't know what the trophy was but it was just a trophy, and a trophy for a game that does a lot of controversial things.

When I actually learned what it was, Bros before hoes, I laughed out loud and lost all respect for Sessler. It's like the whole racism thing, most people it offends are the people it's not towards. Of course I'm not talking about genuine racism, I'm talking about how people think Django Unchained is racist. They just act like they're offended because they want to look good to the supposed offended group.
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grailly  +   1024d ago
well, that would rid the player of that weird(WRONG) sexual tension.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1023d ago
Solely dependent on which way you swing...
dboyc310  +   1024d ago
I honestly thought she was going to be a love interest. Was weirded out when you I found she wasn't lol
FreshRevenge  +   1024d ago
Yeah I thought so to and it turns out that I was Spoiler. This whole time I was with her because I thought we would end up falling in love? Oh how I was wrong. I really wanted to take off the dress.
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rezzah  +   1024d ago
FreshRevenge  +   1024d ago
Thanks, I didn't think about that:) Reedit it!
Ducky  +   1024d ago
Seems like the 6th playthrough is leaking.
coolbeans  +   1024d ago
We'll know this site is plagiarizing your ideas if Nic Cage gets mentioned. [-_-]~
MattyG  +   1024d ago
What if they make it to the 9th? Can't wait to see that article.
Sketchy_Galore  +   1024d ago
Anybody else get an erection just now?

....No, me either.
Statix  +   1024d ago
Chris Hansen would replace Comstock as the antagonist
FlyingFoxy  +   1024d ago
Take a seat over there, i gotta tell you somethin.
FreshRevenge  +   1024d ago
Everyone seems to forget Elika from Prince of Persia? She was written in the same way. She talks to you at certain points and she can help guide you to where you needed to go. She saves you from falling to death. You could actually stop and ask her questions along the way. She helped you in combat by adding to some of the combos. Even if the encounters were focused Two against 1.

Elizabeth is wonderful too. She gave you money and ammo and health and vigors in combat. She opened up tears to assist in the combat. Yet she never really did any of the fighting. There were a few times where she would be crouch down right in the open and everyone seemed to not even notice her? What I found odd what that she can find you money, ammmo, vigors and health, yet she asks you to pick up the lockpicks? She does all the lockpicking in the game, wouldn't it make sense that she can pick them up? I never had the urged to protect her, since I knew she would be able to handle herself. Or once I saw that bullets just bounce off her like SuperMan.

Actually I found myself annoyed with her at the beginning. Where she takes off and I had to go chase her because I had to kill a bunch of dudes to save her arse. Then she disappears again and I have to go find her again? How many times do I need to chase after this girl? That is about annoying as escort missions, where your stupid AI companions dies left and right.
WeAreLegion  +   1024d ago
Save her? She never needed saving.
rezzah  +   1024d ago
I actually enjoyed Elika as a character more so than Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was a bit boring to me, she was only interesting near the end of the game.

Also the conversations between the "prince" and Elika was more interesting to me.

Edit for missing letter.
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WeAreLegion  +   1024d ago
I thought rule 34 already covered this.
ExCest  +   1024d ago
Oh god no.
Ducky  +   1024d ago
... don't you mean rule 63?
DarkBlood  +   1024d ago
do i need to excecute order 66 to stop these weird rules that seem to happen on the internet? :P
FreshRevenge  +   1024d ago
I invoke the executive order 69-I don't give a hoot-54th article in the Gamers Code of Rights!
AkatsukiPain  +   1024d ago
If Elizabeth were a boy in the game, his name wouldve been Eli without the zabeth lol.

Shinra Tensei
Kennytaur  +   1024d ago
The game would totally suck! :-\
BozoLoco  +   1024d ago
Then we'd have articles on Kotaku with the headline: "Why isn't the young boy a woman? Ken Levine is sexist."
mydyingparadiselost  +   1024d ago
Well now I know what the DLC will be... hopefully he'll be just like the little asian kid from Code Monkeys
strigoi814  +   1024d ago
If she will be a young boy then we will compare it to the last guardian
goldwyncq  +   1023d ago
That would have unfortunate implications considering the main villain is a priest.
KentBlake  +   1023d ago
Maybe she is a boy. :)

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