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Bioshock Infinite Review | GameCritics

GameCritics: "Fuzzy-headed narrative and thematically irrelevant auxiliary mechanics make Infinite feel sloppy even when it's working. Combat increases in frequency and decreases in impact after the Hall of Heroes, so for most of its length the game sinks towards a deflated ending rather than rising towards a climax. However, that slow descent starts from a great height, so there is still much to value in Infinite even as it drowns in its own shortcomings." (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 7/10

dedicatedtogamers  +   900d ago
Cue the "you just don't get it! This game is GENIUS! BEST STORY EVARRRR!"
Blacktric  +   900d ago
Don't forget the;


But I agree that the 2deep4u crowd is the worst when it comes to Infinite reviews.

Also the review is very thorough.
Zezo  +   900d ago
(WTF I've been finding machine-gun rounds in pickle barrels the whole game, but there's no ammo in this armament crate)

Sums the whole biothing lol
humbleopinion  +   900d ago
I don't think that Infinite's story is the best or the deepest, but it's still head and shoulders above most stories you'd find. I also understand the gripes about some of the mechanics in the review.

Thing is, if a reviewer claims that the story is not good/bogus/flawed and downplays it, it's the reviewers job to explain WHY he thinks that way (just like a reviewer who praises a story without explaining why): without a good explanation from his side, the reviewer basically failed at his job - and at this point the 2deep4u comments are then perfectly valid. Covering up the lack of explanation with bombastic phrases such as "thematically irrelevant auxiliary mechanics" just don't cut it.
grailly  +   900d ago
it's hard to say why a story isn't good without spoiling it, so heres my biggest complaint with it:


changing the world by going through tears is the laziest plot device I've EVER seen, it just feels like the writers wrote them selves into a corner and decided to just change the world in a cheap way. Worse yet, this is never explained: why are there only tears in convenient plot areas? I thought there would be some explanation on why tears are present, but nope, their really just weak plot devices.

Also you find out the luteces are trying to help you through the whole game, there's just no reason for them not to tell you other than surprise you when you discover it...
Reibooi  +   900d ago

If I remember correctly Elizabeth says at one point that the tears tend to happen more often when she wants them to happen and that in a way they are a sort of wish fulfillment. I could be stating that a little wrong but she says something to that effect.

The thing with the Letuces I somewhat agree about. The only thing I can think of is that they never told Booker exactly what was going on because he would not accept or believe it or that find out who Elizabeth really was before hand may have drastically changed what he would do(which they would likely know given their position.

All that aside I thought the story was great and to be honest didn't seem to hard to grasp but when people mention the game play being a bit of a let down I surely agree. Some of the early game play footage made the game look insanely fast paced and hectic and while some of that is still there it feels like the lite version of what was originally shown. Also I found that the Vigors were not as much as the original Bioshock. I found myself stick with just 2 the whole time because they never really seem like a massive advantage when used correctly.
humbleopinion  +   899d ago


"changing the world by going through tears is the laziest plot device I've EVER seen, it just feels like the writers wrote them selves into a corner and decided to just change the world in a cheap way."
But if the world doesn't change by going through tears, what is the point of making the game in a multiverse or about a multiverse!? Without jumping between world we wouldn't be able to see the impact of how the revolution escalates when a different Booker changes things and dies a martyr, nor see how Elizabeth is forced to act as a tool for Comstock which happens to be the inevitable outcome IN ALL UNIVERSES unless Booker kills him before he's born.

"why are there only tears in convenient plot areas? I thought there would be some explanation on why tears are present, but nope, their really just weak plot devices."
I thought it was explained very well even without voxophones: Elizabeth can open tears, but she doesn't wish to do this unless it's required because you never know which world you'd step into and there's no coming back. That's why they only use it when they hit a dead end.

"Also you find out the luteces are trying to help you through the whole game, there's just no reason for them not to tell you other than surprise you when you discover it"
I agree that this is less clear because it's mostly in the voxophones, but they mention quite a few times the "thought experiment": No matter what they tell you, you mind might not be capable of processing it once you enter a different world, and instead it builds its own story from the memory fragments that you have. That's why Booker is sure he has to pay some debt although that debt was already wiped out.

In fact, don't forget that the Luteces tinkered with variables many times before: we can always assume that there WERE a few Bookers to whom the Luteces tried to tell the story to in advance, And perhaps one Booker or another knew in advance that Elizabeth is actually their daughter. But it probably didn't turn out all that well - or otherwise they wouldn't have to bring your #123 Booker there, now would they? :)
nutcrackr  +   900d ago
Good review, thorough analysis.
FantasyStar  +   900d ago
I prefer these types of reviews.
I would give the game 8/10 on my own scale based on what he wrote, but I'm not going to argue much against a 7/10 either.

It's rare that you get reviews that were written after 30 hours of play. These reviews are the real ones you want to look for when deciding if a game is worth a buy. The kinds that are published well-after the Day 1-euphoria.
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cerpintaxt44  +   900d ago
id give bioshock infinite a 10 even though i highly disagree with this guys points i guess everyone is entitled to their opinion
bumnut  +   900d ago
BioShock one was best IMO, they removed the fear factor from this one.
joab777  +   900d ago
Ok. So the revolt and quick change in pace from slave to revolutionary is shocking. First, we hear all about how it had been heating up and reaching this point through voxophones and conversations. Hell, throughout history revolutions happened very fast and were brutal. Its why most ppl lost all the credibility they had gained. This was the entire argument between the bolsheviks and mensheviks and guess who won that debate...the violent! Also, booker did step through a couple tears that altered time. Once u encite those who hav been mistreated and show them how to strike back, it happens very fast.

So, its quite easy to see how Daisy immediately becomes Lenin like in her brutality. She is laser focused and Booker becomes a problem. It is amazing how many angles this game has come under attack from. There is legitamacy to many concerns but I have only ever seen it compared to bioshock or lofty expectations. The orinal bioshock escaped this scrutiny because it was new and original. We all knew how hard it would be to repeat that with Infinite. Instead of marveling in their ability to push envelopes that we have craved from so many developers in a time of cooker cutter games, streamlined sequels and annual releases, we become antagonistic to early praise and find everything and anything about this game to shred to pieces. Now, I don't mean just this artice. But its been everything from too much violence, racism, combat, story, too much loot and on and on.

Now, I give a nod to Irrational for story, environment and ambience and the wonderful AI of Elizabeth. Songbird and the heavy hitter were amazing too. I will admit that combat wasn't revolutionized since bioshock but its still better and more varied than most games today. I have a feeling that elizabeth ultimately took up much more time and money than expected and ideas , or revolutionary ideas became thin in other areas. But they did pull off the skylines etc. My only actual fault is that maybe they tried to fit too many ideas and characters into this game, disallowing the emotional attachment that may develop if u encounter someone or something over and over.

Don't get me wrong, its good to critique but it must be done in contrast the the rest of the industry and not in a vaccum. Yes, when I play something of this quality I look for all the different ways this game coulda been perfect for me. Imagine opening a tear to your living room at the end, introducing u , thegamer as the catalyst for bookers successful completion of the mission at hand.

But, just because in many areas but didn't blow everyone's mind in others doesn't mean that it isn't still great, still a step in a very right direction. I am sure that Irrational themselves would tell us that their entire vision wasn't fully realized. But, for me, I would take 75% Irrational over most other developers anyday. They are willing to take risks, to be original and quirky and to make games that gamers love to play. I don't rest on scales but anything less than a 9 is crazy to me.
Zezo  +   900d ago
cool story bro..
nix  +   900d ago
i normally read the reviewers' reviews first and then read the comments in the thread to justify buying a game. if the comment section voices different opinion from what the reviewer has written then i stay away from the game. there are too many average games being sold so i try to avoid them as much as possible. that even includes the games with AAA titles.

having said that there are some games which i buy without thinking. like Uncharted series, GOW series, LBP series. i bought Limbo by just looking at the gameplay. Braid. Journey. Guacamelee. The latter ones are so different from the traditional games and that's why i picked them up without thinking. last night i bought Gravity Rush because i knew it was going to be different kind of game.
P_Bomb  +   900d ago
Not a fan of Sparky's reviews. Can't relate to his overjoy of Far Cry 2 yet total disdain for Ni No Kuni (5/10?! wtf) for example. No exception with BioShock Infinite here.
Jakeyboy709  +   900d ago
This game isn't that great I give it 2/5
Coke-a-Cola  +   900d ago
This Game is my Greatest disappointment of all time .
Such beauty and subtly of character, so smart , too smart ... everywhere you look .

I play .... I am pushing my nose against the glass wanting , wishing , dreaming , longing to fall in love ... to connect ... with anyone here ....... BUT .... it never happens .

I am bewildered ... disbelieving ... it now sits on my shelf in the middle of a second play-though collecting dust .

As a consolation I picked up Far Cry 3 ... so clumsy by comparison and I LOVE IT !!!

Yet another leaning experience of lost cash ..... Live and learn .
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