Why does Capcom hate Mega Man?

Destructoid: I've always been a big Mega Man fan. As I type this, a figurine of series villainess Tron Bonne (see: mai waifu) is currently watching over me. There's just something very unique about the series -- the idea of not only defeating one's enemies but also stealing their powers is something that always struck me as very, very cool.

Thing is, it was once very easy to love Mega Man, when series developer Capcom was churning out a never-ending procession of adventures starring the Blue Bomber. As Ben Franklin famously said, "Nothing is certain except death, taxes, and Mega Man sequels." Though not every one of these outings was a winner (those Battle Network games really started to suck after a while), the number of classics more than made up for the clunkers, and fans like myself always had a new Mega Man game to look forward to.

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NastyLeftHook01861d ago

there so selfish, megaman has unlimited potential gives the right developers. how about give the megam ip to the developers who made vanquish?

Zezo1861d ago

It's not that Capcom hates Mega Man, it's that they can't charge you full-price twice for the same Mega Man game within a 9-month span so it doesn't fall into their modern business plan for non-social games.

raiden-491861d ago

Would be an awesome idea but Idk platinum has a history with Capcom and it wasn't good...

DragonKnight1861d ago

Mega Man is an old franchise. As we have seen with Capcom, they like to "reboot" things. Whether it be a full-on reboot like DmC, or a reboot in genre like RE, we've seen that Capcom have seemingly run out of original ideas and have decided that everything needs a new, and Western, twist to it. This is thanks, in no small part, to Keiji Inafune not knowing when to shut his mouth up about things he clearly doesn't understand. Because Mega Man is an old, and HIGHLY beloved, iconic franchise; it wouldn't take to the kind of reboots and Westernization that Capcom has been pulling lately. At least, not with the fans.

A Mega Man FPS is a very bad idea because it would strip the game of that classic Mega Man feel much in the same way most of the 3D Castlevania games did for that franchise. There is also the issue of DLC, wherein Capcom couldn't legitimately do too much with DLC for Mega Man. If they tried to make powers DLC, the uproar would be heard in space as powers are a basic mechanic for Mega Man. If they tried to make characters DLC, then they'd either have to make them brand new characters, risking the "who the hell is this" question from fans; or make them characters like Zero which would make fans ask why he can't be played in the game from the get go like so many of the Mega Man X games.

Legends is seen as a spin off that Capcom feels would be a waste of resources as the real bread and butter in the Mega Man series is either the main series itself, or the X series.

Basically, Mega Man doesn't look to be the kind of game that would fit in with Capcom's recent business ideas and strategies, so they won't bother releasing another Mega Man game unless they can seriously gouge the fanbase with it.

Inception1861d ago

I agreed with you. What i most hated from capcom is capcom always rush to buried their own franchise after they doesn't give enough profit to capcom. Just look at this example:

1) Breath of Fire V. It received some good review from the critics but sold poorly on japan and us/eu, even though i liked what they did with the story & gameplay. After that, capcom gave a 'R.I.P' stamp to BoF franchise T_T

2) Dino Crisis 3. It received and sold poorly. In the end capcom did the same thing to this franchise.

3) Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams. It received good response by fans / critics but sold less than Onimusha 1-3. So capcom higher ups think they should buried this franchise :(

4) Strider Hiryu 2: It received some good review from the critics but not profitable for capcom :(

5) Maximo 2: I loved this game and i really angry when capcom said there's no chance for a third game :(

Those franchise suffer from capcom stupid decision. And the same with Megaman, Power Stone, Rival Schools, Darkstalkers, etc etc. Maybe DMC is the next franchise that capcom will buried too :(
It is really sad because capcom are one of my fav devs. But now, they just the shadow of their old glory days....

boybato1861d ago

Why does Capcom hate Mega Man?

Doesn't make sense really. they could do DLCs for every of megaman's weapon. lol

TongkatAli1861d ago

Soul Sacrifice is crazy good, the man is a genius.

hazelamy1861d ago

i agree, i think Inafune leaving pissed them off and they're getting back at him by neglecting one of his most famous creations, Megaman.
mind you, ignoring the character isn't the worst thing they could do to Megaman, look at what they did to him in Street Fighter X Tekken.

i can't help but feel this Duck Tales remake they're bringing out is them trying to replace Megaman, they want a classic platformer, but they don't want Megaman.

Relientk771861d ago

Capcom also hates Breath of Fire and pretends the franchise does not exist

Inception1861d ago

I'm still hoping capcom will make BoF 6. But this is capcom we're talkin about. Maybe they will troll us like Megaman Legends 3 case :(

Relientk771861d ago

I really want Breath of Fire 6 also


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