Wii U is better than Xbox 720, PS4 or PC


I was a lot more impressed with it than I was expecting. Even just being able to switch back and forth between a game and the other apps was pretty cool. We were collecting all the Star Coins in Mario and would switch back to the browser with a page describing the hidden locations. It worked brilliantly; maybe the load time between apps could have been quicker, but it wasn’t unbearable and they’re addressing that in the next batch of firmware anyway.

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iGAM3R-VIII2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

lool the Wii U would really have to step up its game by E3 or at E3 because it cannot compete the 720 and PS4 at this stage

LOL_WUT2067d ago

The Wii U can barely keep up with the 360 and the PS3, so how the hell is it going to be better than unannounced consoles? ;)

Zezo2067d ago

May I see your crystal ball,author?

We haven't even got full detail information for those systems, let alone games and system price, so how do we know if the wii u is going to be the best?

Yi-Long2067d ago

... but judging from the article, I'm pretty sure he's got some crystal meth....(!)

camel_toad2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

As far back as the N64 I've managed to get every new Nintendo system at launch and I can honestly say that the wii u has definitely been the least fun/impressive so far.

N64 blew me away, GameCube had some good launch games, Wii was unique and had fun party games but the wii u has just been "meh" for me. Major dust collector.

AsimLeonheart2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

I do not fancy the Wii U but a console being best or better is a matter of personal choice. If your favourite games are present on a certain console then it is the best one for you. Nintendo fans buy Nintendo consoles for the Nintendo first party games alone so for them Wii U is the best console. For others it may be not.

That-Guy2067d ago

I like how this article just threw in PC.

ps3_pwns2067d ago

nintendo fanboys out in full force with the disagrees lol. there should only be agrees for LOL_Wut comments

MikeMyers2067d ago

The headline is nothing more than to generate hits. It doesn't explain anything about the other systems.

"I’m really not interested in the other next gen boxes, no matter the rumored specs and the hype. I like Nintendo’s games and their philosophy about keeping game development a self-sustainable enterprise, rather than something that’s mainly just profitable for the mega-conglomerates who can afford it."

That's all he really says. Article is a waste of time.

g2gshow2066d ago

i wont even read this article

ToaLugia2066d ago

The Xbox 360 can barely keep up with PS2, so how the hell is it going to be better than PS3 and Wii? ;)

7 Years later it is the most supported home console platform.

BullyMangler2066d ago

another fanboy hurting article? dayumm! hua haa!

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HammadTheBeast2067d ago

The PS4 or Xbox 720, I might be willing to let slide, I don't agree with it at all, but whatever, he must have some opinion.

But when you factor PC vs. Wii U, LOL.

The PS4 and maybe 720 are made to compete alongside PC's. The Wii U is just there in the middle of last and next Gen in it's own corner.

Shnazzyone2066d ago

kinda nice after daily wii u is doomed articles honestly. Good to see someone brave enough to go in the other direction with the flamebait.

LOGICWINS2067d ago

"Better" is a very subjective term. To a person who believes that Nintendo franchises are the end all be all of gaming, the Wii U actually WOULD be a better option than the PS4/720.

mcstorm2067d ago

That’s very true. Its just like anything in life. For me the surface and windows phone fit my needs better than the Android or Apple eco system.
The wiiu is getting a lot of digs on this web site at the moment and it should not be as it is not a bad console. Yes it wont be as powerful as the ps4 and we are expecting the next xbox to be more powerful than the wiiu to. That said the wiiu offers a different way to play games over the ps4 and more than likely the next xbox so some types of games will work better than others on the wiiu and some will not work as good.
I think the wiiu with the tablet controller would work with gamea like command and conker as games like this don’t work that well with a controller.
But one thing we all know is that the one company that knows how to get the most out of there hardware its Nintendo and once we get the big name games we will start to see what the wiiu can do.
For me though I would rather have the ps4 next xbox and wiiu all offer us different ways to play games as it gives us gamers a reason to own all 3 consoles.

SilentNegotiator2067d ago

Like an ostrich with its head in the sand.

NukaCola2067d ago


I think Nintendo games are the bees knees but if they have have nothing to offer, then what is there really but a memory of good games.

McScroggz2067d ago

You write a flamebaiting article then are the first to post on your article calling it out? I'm confused here...

PS4isKing_822067d ago

I think he only submitted it, I don't think he wrote it.

iGAM3R-VIII2067d ago


I submitted it on N4G not write it LOL

Lior2067d ago

Ya sorry did I hear wii u is better than a pc?

gpturbo812066d ago

It is.ever since i got it,the pc has become completely useless. The only thing preventing me from throwing it out the window is my music

McScroggz2066d ago

Okay, you submitted an article then trashed it. Do you still not see the problem here?

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Godmars2902067d ago

Is not one tired of talking about systems?

We need games to argue about. And more than just FPS.

Donnieboi2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

^ Spoken like a wise man.

NastyLeftHook02067d ago

i dont agree with it being better than ps4, but what makes you happy more power to you pal.

Shok2067d ago

How is it better than 2 systems that aren't even out? Illogical title, and this is coming from a Nintendo fan.

AJBACK2FRAG2066d ago

A. Nintendo develops the best software in the world period. B. Nintendo hardware is nigh invulnerable. C. Their customer service is the best in the electronics business. D. Shigeru Miyamoto is "the man". E. Latteral thinking with withered technology! F. If it ain't fun it ain't fun. G. e3 is going to be killer! H. The Regginator!

Shnazzyone2066d ago

This article in a nutshell,
Features seem solid, I like nintendo games so I like it, it'll be inexpensive to develop for compared to pc & ps4(basically the same thing) in the next gen.
I like nintendo, I like nintendo. There's some good games coming.

zeal0us2067d ago

Yay lets compare a console thats on the market to two consoles that has yet to hit the market.

The best thing you can do is wait till all 3 are out then make the comparison.