Poor Business Decisions Will Render Capcom Bankrupt

Hardcore Gamer: It’s illogical commit the same failures over and over again. When that happens, failures become dumb mistakes. It seems like Capcom isn’t getting that memo.

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jc485731983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Capcom has to be the most stubborn company I've seen in history. I can't think of a better word to describe them because they seem oblivious of their own mistakes. Do they know? Who runs Capcom? by stupid people?

zeal0us1983d ago

Capcom will end up like THQ in a matter of years if they keep doing what they're doing now.

Capcom was doing so good(or at least better they are now) last gen and ps1 gen. It seem this gen they let $$$ go to their heads.

admiralvic1983d ago

They were doing good before the PS1 gen too...

Yodagamer1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Thq was another thing capcom while their games don't sell as well as they used to still make a profit and they haven't had a huge finacial failure like the udraw was to thq. The udraw and crappy licenses games is what bankrupted thq. Capcom can atleast still make decent games that sell well.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1983d ago

For what they did to my beloved resident evil I wouldnt miss them.. money grabbing scum

OmegaSlayer1983d ago

After DmC I wish Capcom all the worse.

g2gshow1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

for me it started with steel battalion it efected a small group of people that spent the $200 plus then they just cut off the servers it was a huge middel finger & slap to the face. then they turn resident evil to a action adventure an last but not leas they totally fU marvel vs capcom .

now its time to pay the piper d**k heads

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NastyLeftHook01983d ago

to hell with capcom, they ruined a legendery series, resident evil. thats unforgivable.

Donnieboi1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Yeah, and Mega Man too. I mean, they had like 4 Mega Man games that were practically close-to-finished (MM Universe, MM Legends 3, MM Online, and the MM FPS game "Maverick Hunter") and they just spit on it. They even put that fat, ugly mockery of the American box-art of Mega Man in Marvel vs Capcom 3--obviously an immature insult aimed at the creator of Mega Man, who chose to quit the company.

Yodagamer1983d ago

Um even keiji Inafune was planning to make fun of the bad box art with his own Mega man universe game, capcom might have been making fun of it, but so was keiji...

Godmars2901983d ago

They chased away many if not all of their lead directors. And then canceled all but the most trivial MM titles never giving them a chance. Unless they plan on betting everything on Dragon's Dogma and Monster Hunter, not seeing how they're going to recover.

lizard812881983d ago

And Street Fighter as well. Capcom has so many unused IPs, it would be nice to see some old school ones again, like Captain Commando, Ghost N' Goblins, ect. But Capcom is too busy trying to make money off DLC

Godmars2901983d ago

Just wondering in regards to anyone disagreeing with me: but who else is left at Capcom? What major dev w/history?

SonyPS41983d ago

Apart from Dragon's Dogma, Capcom has yet to release something I find remotely interesting... With their poor decisions I wouldn't touch their other games with a 10' pole.

BattleAxe1983d ago

Resident Evil 5 is the only Capcom game I've bought since Street Fighter 2 on the Sega Genesis. Part of their problem is that they only cater to a niche group of gamers, but now it seems as though they're pissing off their core fans. Doesn't look good for Capcom.

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