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Poor Business Decisions Will Render Capcom Bankrupt

Hardcore Gamer: It’s illogical commit the same failures over and over again. When that happens, failures become dumb mistakes. It seems like Capcom isn’t getting that memo. (Capcom, Industry, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

jc48573  +   520d ago
Capcom has to be the most stubborn company I've seen in history. I can't think of a better word to describe them because they seem oblivious of their own mistakes. Do they know? Who runs Capcom? by stupid people?
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zeal0us  +   520d ago
Capcom will end up like THQ in a matter of years if they keep doing what they're doing now.

Capcom was doing so good(or at least better they are now) last gen and ps1 gen. It seem this gen they let $$$ go to their heads.
admiralvic  +   520d ago
They were doing good before the PS1 gen too...
Yodagamer  +   520d ago
Thq was another thing capcom while their games don't sell as well as they used to still make a profit and they haven't had a huge finacial failure like the udraw was to thq. The udraw and crappy licenses games is what bankrupted thq. Capcom can atleast still make decent games that sell well.
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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   520d ago
For what they did to my beloved resident evil I wouldnt miss them.. money grabbing scum
OmegaSlayer  +   520d ago
After DmC I wish Capcom all the worse.
g2gshow  +   519d ago
for me it started with steel battalion it efected a small group of people that spent the $200 plus then they just cut off the servers it was a huge middel finger & slap to the face. then they turn resident evil to a action adventure an last but not leas they totally fU marvel vs capcom .

now its time to pay the piper d**k heads
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NastyLeftHook0  +   520d ago
to hell with capcom, they ruined a legendery series, resident evil. thats unforgivable.
Donnieboi  +   520d ago
Yeah, and Mega Man too. I mean, they had like 4 Mega Man games that were practically close-to-finished (MM Universe, MM Legends 3, MM Online, and the MM FPS game "Maverick Hunter") and they just spit on it. They even put that fat, ugly mockery of the American box-art of Mega Man in Marvel vs Capcom 3--obviously an immature insult aimed at the creator of Mega Man, who chose to quit the company.
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Yodagamer  +   520d ago
Um even keiji Inafune was planning to make fun of the bad box art with his own Mega man universe game, capcom might have been making fun of it, but so was keiji...
Godmars290  +   520d ago
They chased away many if not all of their lead directors. And then canceled all but the most trivial MM titles never giving them a chance. Unless they plan on betting everything on Dragon's Dogma and Monster Hunter, not seeing how they're going to recover.
lizard81288  +   520d ago
And Street Fighter as well. Capcom has so many unused IPs, it would be nice to see some old school ones again, like Captain Commando, Ghost N' Goblins, ect. But Capcom is too busy trying to make money off DLC
Godmars290  +   520d ago
Just wondering in regards to anyone disagreeing with me: but who else is left at Capcom? What major dev w/history?
SonyPS4  +   520d ago
Apart from Dragon's Dogma, Capcom has yet to release something I find remotely interesting... With their poor decisions I wouldn't touch their other games with a 10' pole.
BattleAxe  +   520d ago
Resident Evil 5 is the only Capcom game I've bought since Street Fighter 2 on the Sega Genesis. Part of their problem is that they only cater to a niche group of gamers, but now it seems as though they're pissing off their core fans. Doesn't look good for Capcom.
matrixman92  +   520d ago
self destruction...they truly deserve it
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AkatsukiPain  +   520d ago
RE4 was that last good RE game they made. Making it too much of an action game took that fear factor away from the series. I love how naughty dog is going back to the roots of what made RE games scary.

With the last of us u can tell that with just the limited amount of ammo u can carry around its going to be one heck of a scary game because u have to make each bullet count. U will be limited in ammo but is a good reason the crafting system is der for u to explore and find useful items that can help u craft other weapons that way the game isnt to easy & u actually feel like your trying to survive with limited resources. The Last of Us is going to be epic. Take notes capcom

Shinra Tensei
Yodagamer  +   520d ago
Revelation's was a really good game imo, wasn't the best in the series, but it was very good.
AkatsukiPain  +   520d ago
I havent played revelation so I wouldn't know but, ill have to check that out.

Shinra Tensei
TongkatAli  +   519d ago
No it wasn't. No zombies, boring storyline, played it at my friends house, put it down after 10 minutes. He hasn't completed and will never complete cause he doesn't touch his 3DS at all.
Tales RPG addict  +   520d ago
Agreed The Last Of US will kik Ass and Capcom if they wan to survive need to apologize to fans for their actions this gen. And redo Ultimate MVC3 with all the characters we wanted to Ryu from Breath of Fire and they forgot about Jin Saotome & Capt. commando.

Capcom is turning the way of THQ. The dMC wig shot with the new game pissed me off.
Ravenor  +   520d ago
Well aren't you just a delicate little flower, the poke upset you did it? That's to bad, it's a shame you're going to have to live with that the rest of your life, how could you possibly go on?

This post you've posted is quite possibly the worst example of gamers today and this expectation that we deserve to be waited on. They sell us a product, based on the information given to us we make the decision whether or not to purchase it. That's it, end of story, game over, finished. They don't owe you shit beyond a working product.
Stefanrules7  +   519d ago
So we owe our wallets to capcom, we should just shut up buy all their games that they cut 60% of the content out to sell as DLC, then we should buy the DLC which includes the beginning and end also we should appreciate the fact that they take classic series and change them to appeal to action fans who have never played a game.

Are you the president of capcom?
dc1  +   519d ago
Any producer will die a quick and painful death if they do not consider what moves the consumer.

What Tales RPG said is not a small thing.... however, it is a lost sale.

One question: How many consumers felt like Tales RPG?
DigitalRaptor  +   520d ago
Honestly, I wouldn't miss them if they did.

The only worthy thing they've done in years is Dragon's Dogma, Okami HD (yeah, a port), and arguably Monster Hunter. At a stretch, their DS/3DS stuff has been good. Their business decisions have done nothing but screw over consumers and great series that once were.

Deep Down looks promising, but none of us really know how that will turn out.
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CaptainN  +   520d ago
Capcom is now just as bad as Square/Enix.......its starting to look ike a changing or the guards this new generation. The old companies are failing, and have no idea what they are doing.
febreeze1  +   520d ago
square enix has made tomb raider, deus ex:hr, sleeping dogs, and many more amazing games... don't base it off their ff of this gen.
Prophet-Gamer  +   520d ago
Square Enix Published those games. As a publisher they're okay. As a developer, SE has been terrible this gen.
zeal0us  +   520d ago
Square Enix publish those titles they didn't make/developed them.

Tomb Raider - Crystal Dynamics
Deus EX: HR- Eidos Montreal
Hitman- IO Interactive

Are the companies that developed those three.
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grashopper  +   520d ago
Square Enix owns the companies that make those games.
They bought Eidos in 09 which all those games are under.
Stefanrules7  +   519d ago
I agree they were amazing games but ff is the flagship series that is supposed to lead the way in the entire gaming industry, it doesnt even lead the way out of square enix games
Tito08  +   520d ago
The problem with both Capcom & Square is that they are trying hard to appeal to the west, as evident with their respective acquisitions. They're adopting western companies business tactics of "Nickel & Dime" on consumers when in reality, they don't really needed that, before this gen, Capcom was really great with a huge variety of games, especially with the awesome Onimusha series which I totally am a fan of.

Now I ask Capcom "Why fixing something that isn't broken?" in regards to their business model. It already feels they don't have a clue what to do when it comes to MegaMan,Onimusha, & other Inafune-made IPs now that he's gone. I personally don't think it was necessary for them to acquire BCG just because of DR2. Crap, I only own like 2 Capcom games(DMC4 & SSF4) this entire current-gen compared to the bunch I have each for my past Sega & Playstation consoles, that's how disappointed I am with them, guess Ono & a few others are the only ones left at the moment.
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josephayal  +   520d ago
Capcom is the best company
Evil_Ryu  +   520d ago
Capcom needs to stop westernizing there games (Too much action) and go back to there japanese story telling/ gameplay roots. They need to understand not all Westerners are ADD and can handle a challenging game.
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grimmweisse  +   520d ago
Don't worry more dlc and megaman will save them......oh wait!
lizard81288  +   520d ago
Maybe just DLC...
mediate-this  +   520d ago
I once said, a very long time ago when i was playing street fighter alpha 3 that capcom was the best developers, my my how much has changed.

They are garbage and i dont want to see them go, but they should seeve as a remainder to not screw over their fan base.

Im a huge street fighter fan, but the way they handle their dlc with their fighting games is just atrocious to say the least.
mediate-this  +   520d ago
I liked the dmc, it was a horrible game, but i can see why fans didnt like it. With dante not being the dante we know, and vergil too. But i liked it still.
WeAreLegion  +   519d ago
I am so confused...
Minato-Namikaze  +   519d ago
Gonna assume was = wasnt. Only way I can make sense of that comment, lol
Gamer-Z  +   520d ago
To be honest i'm surprised it hasn't happened already
vork77  +   520d ago
good let them burn let other companys buys there titles like megaman and resident evil and devil may cry
Qrphe  +   519d ago
Resident Evil, Megaman and Devil May Cry are all in oblivion thanks to Capcom.
jetlian  +   519d ago
Capcom isnt gonna die off. Soon as they look like they will fall they will rise! Im sick of western media though. People hated the dlc on capcom but give passes to western companies

fifa 20 dollar dlc A O K sfxt oh hell no!
Amigaengine  +   519d ago
Well said.
Sanquine90  +   519d ago
If capcom goes bankrupt i hope Sony or Nintendo buys it! Some titels need some first party magic
TheKayle1  +   519d ago
i played just yesterday street fighter 2 turbo on the xbox with friends.....remembering when i won my first tournament organized in my city with ryu when i was soo younggg....old lovely capcom
Stefanrules7  +   519d ago
Their reason for failing is "we dont release enough DLC, in the future there will be much more".

Oh yes.... Thats why i dont buy your games, because theres just not enough DLC. I want more on disk DLC because.... Who doesn't.

Also i want more single character purchases

Oooh and i want to pay for the beginning and the ending of the game separately on top of the full retail price.

Thank you capcom ill be sure to day 1 all your games from now on.

So glad games have become half assed and 3x their original price if you want the complete game

Also even games with all the DLC nowadays don't last as long as old games did
PooEgg  +   519d ago
Capcom has lost touch with what makes a game good. It isn't pretty cutscenes sandwiched between short insignificant battles on boring linear maps.

All the DLC in the world will not save a terrible game, and just so we are clear... most gamers do not actually like DLC we simply tolerate it, and we do so grudgingly. So if you want to make DLC you better get off your lazy asses and make GOOD DLC, because everytime you release a half assed overpriced DLC package a little of our faith in you dies. When you lose all of our faith, you also lose our support. So good luck with that.
mediate-this  +   519d ago
Ya sorry, i meant wasnt. Sorry sorry
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