MotoGP '13 screenshots showcase several new tracks, PC requirements outlined

VVV: "With the MotoGP championship currently underway, Milestone has released a shiny new set of previews that showcase several previously unseen tracks for MotoGP '13.

Picture-perfect reproductions of the Jerez (which was featured in the recent gameplay trailer), Sepang and Laguna Seca circuits are all featured, and there's very little to complain about graphics-wise. Indeed, from what we've seen so far the environmental detail far surpasses anything we've seen before in a MotoGP game. "

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bumnut2036d ago

Im confused, is this the THQ one? or the crappy Capcom one?

Bigpappy2035d ago

It is developed by Milestone. The THQ version was made by Climax I think. This doesn't seem to match that version in quality. I will have too pass on this one. It is not grabbing me.

bumnut2035d ago

Thanks, I loved the THQ/Climax games, they really nailed the handling of the bikes.