Top 10 Franchises That Need Fighting Games

What popular franchises are just begging for their own brawl?

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Donnieboi2061d ago

That SEGA mix game sounds real good. Kinda like Fighters Megamix meets Smash Bros.

Yi-Long2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

... G.I. Joe.

(based on the cartoons/comics, 2D, sprite-based)

You can hit that agree-button now.

edit: Oh, Guitarded also mentioned it before me :)


MGS series is definitely worthy of a fast-paced 2d fighter.

guitarded772061d ago

Yeah... 10 minute video. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!

I'd like a GI Joe fighting game... not the crap GI Joe from now days. The cool stuff from the 80's.

Yi-Long2061d ago

... you beat me to it.

I knew I should have read the rest of the comments first.

guitarded772061d ago

Apparently you and I are the only ones that want a kick ass GI Joe fighter... Of course it is the weekend, and all the kids show up to n4g and disagree with anything awesome. Or my fan club may be growing again.

cerpintaxt442061d ago

i think the obvious choice is transformers

Dunpeal2061d ago

fighting games just haven't been the same since arcades became more irrelevant. i miss those days. oh well

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